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In Ural Mountains immigrants - illegal immigrants

have ungirdled After in Moscow with scandal have closed the Cherkizovsky market, to check foreigners on zakonoposlushnost became more rigidly. Also it was there and then found out that they go to us on a visit not only in job searches.

for the last half a year the number of crimes which are made by migrants, has jumped up in two and a half time. Dishonest on a hand there were visitors from solar Tajikistan. For six months they have made 398 crimes - and it three times more than for the similar period of last year! The honourable second place was occupied with dishonest visitors from Kyrgyzstan, having fallen into in hands of militia of 256 times. Closes a three of the most criminal immigrants guest workers from Uzbekistan. On their conscience - 207 transgressions.

silent there were Chineses - they at the very end of the list for immigrants from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia.

According to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area, more often guest workers trespass with forging of documents and as steal and trade in drugs.

for six months to Ural Mountains there have officially arrived 102 thousand foreigners. 80 842 from them already have found legal work. The others - while look narrowly. Under the law they have 90 days to be registered.

- recently among visitors from the near abroad countries to become more and more those who badly knows Russian. Or does not speak on it absolutely, - has noted today on a press - conferences the chief of department of immigration control UFMS on Sverdlovsk area Alexander Birjukov. - guest workers - illegal immigrants deliver many problems. After all the person without documents and the work permit become easy can a victim or the criminal.

according to Alexander Birjukova, very often international guests go on a crime after the employer will leave them without copeck of money. It not to go easier to complain to the authorities, and to steal.

employees of migratory service together with militia catch guest workers - illegal immigrants and send them from the country. For present half a year 281 gatecrasher has already left Sverdlovsk area. It almost in half is more than for six months of last year.

any illegal immigrant who has been fallen into in hands of migratory service, goes in spetspriemnik where expects a judgement and dispatch. In Ural Mountains such collectors two - in Ekaterinburg (now there wait for the fate of 12 guest workers) and in Nizhni Tagil (where 22 immigrants - the infringer contain).

- the Most part of migrants is turned out for infringement of a mode of abiding in territory of Russia. And the number of such illegal immigrants will grow, - Alexander Birjukov has declared.

crimes of guest workers in Sverdlovsk area for 6 months of this year:

601 - forging of documents
19 - thefts
125 - drug traffic
24 - robberies
11 - robberies
7 - swindle