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The South Ural first-year student will write the book how not to die in wood

Last summer all country watched searches of the sixteen-year girl from village Meseda that in 250 kilometres from Chelyabinsk. Natasha Krivaja has gone berry-picking and was lost. Local residents, rescuers by helicopters, militiamen with dogs, military men, even the psychic came - all were powerless. After four weeks all have reconciled to loss. And here Natasha was. Grown thin for 11 kgs, all in bruises, grazes, but live!

To the day when she has come back home, in Mesede have established the big wooden cross. In those places there is a tradition - so to designate entrance to settlement that God preserved village. These two events have simply coincided. But to survive in wood within a month, all the same to a miracle similarly.

I hurried in club

One year ago, the city hospital of Jurjuzani where have brought Natasha, reminded hostel in which the Hollywood star has lodged. In its chamber as on reception, turns were built. Relatives, distant and near, friends, the priest, doctors, journalists. One of the first Natasha was come to see by the correspondent to a hospital cot the skeleton, with the big, frightened eyes lay naturally.

- Only do not photograph! - it has closed the person hands and has not begun to cry nearly.

After a year from this status there is no also a trace. The smile does not descend from the person.

- I have recovered very quickly, - she speaks. - doctors did not allow to eat much. And I did not listen, burst on the quiet - relatives filled up me with meal.

- As you could lose the way in the native wood? - I ask it.

- I that evening hurried up in club, - Natasha has looked down. - thought, now I will quickly type berries - and run home, to change clothes. And in that place of a raspberry it is a lot of. I did not watch at all where I go. Went along high-voltage lines, after all they should lead to village

As Natasha

But as it has appeared wandered, it was at all that LEP. And here the first reference point! The river Bulanka. Natasha has forded it and here - Meseda here should seem. But the girl left in the opposite side

- I was afraid only in the first night. Such terrible rain has gone. I squatted wet to a thread and cried. And the rain poured all and poured

Further Natasha has gone along Bulanki. But near to water it was cold, and it has curtailed into wood. And again left to the river only in some days. Turn the girl to the right, would leave on closed Three-mountain. The territory round a city is patrolled by military men. But putnitsa has curtailed on the left and left to lonely village Ekaterinovka. Last old woman has died here about five years ago. To be among the rotten izbas which have grown into the earth it was terrible. It is better to avoid.

the death " has dreamt Me;

Natasha bate about the bush. Has some times come across the plastic bucket which has thrown out on road. The saw from streams, ate berries and lizards whom caught barehanded.

- Lizards - so-so the meal, - laughs it, - meat absolutely is not present. In the newspaper wrote that I fried them. Interesting, on what? If it is serious, these lizards to me have rescued life. You will want to live and not such muck eat.

In one of nights the bad dream has dreamt Natasha.

- Black hands sufficed me, - with horror she remembers, - dragged where - that, tried to strangle. Probably, it was the death. I beat off, escaped. And then the brother has started to dream me, he called me home. It has given to me of forces.

Once Natasha has heard, as woodcutters work. Roared benzopily, axes knocked.

- And still I heard, how in a raspberry brake the bear roared, - Natasha speaks. - I have fast escaped aside from thickets that it not to anger.

last days Natasha hardly moved feet. And here a miracle! She has come across the camp of tourists left some minutes ago. In kostrovishche even there were red pieces of coal. But to call people of forces any more was not. Still every other day Natasha left on wood road and at once has seen a motorcycle. It has not fallen nearly with happiness.

- And I have learnt you at once, - the hunter has told to it, - about you in all newspapers is written!

- Sergey Mihajlov (so call the Savior. - a bus comment) Has fed me with bread with jam, - Natasha remembers, - then it seemed to me the present feasting. We communicate till now with uncle Serezhej, he calls, asks, as health.

I Will study and will sit down for the book

- I once again want to walk in those places, - Natasha speaks. - the fear any is not present. For me this month - any not tragedy. And if it was possible to change something I would leave all as is. I have very much matured for that time. Much began on - to another to concern. For example, people with whom I was not on friendly terms at all, it has appeared, worried about me and some friends searched more strongly, than.

- And envy was not? So much attention to you.

- Is not present, I did not become zvezditsja. Only the niece constantly jokes. If we go where - that together, she tells all time supposedly go on a footpath, aside do not leave, and that again you will lose the way. When has entered school, wanted, that nobody knew about my adventures, and the teacher at all began to ask me. Was so inconveniently, I have reddened.

- Parents forbid to go to wood?

- First, of course, they twitched, all asked, where has gone, what for. Warned constantly, be careful and so on. Thank God, though a hand bell did not begin to adhere. But have now calmed down.

- Than you now are engaged?

- the First course of school has finished. The teacher of physical culture asks the grant to write on a survival in extreme conditions. Here I will study a little and I will undertake for these the book.

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