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The monument to the first Ural shuttles has already started to collect a trifle

Give, Russia, give - give! Give beautifully! Give - give! - overstrained dinamik. Young sportswomen skipped and stretched out directly on asphalt. Free Chineses from trade dizzily looked at an event. Gapers have crowded. At the central building a Tagansky number on Monday, on July, 20th, the monument to the first Ural shuttles opened. Important people cut a ribbon, the gilt cloth has fallen, and to a look have appeared, as live, Shuttles .

We in edition guessed: probably, the new monument necessarily will have a certain place which will be necessary poteret and then there is a happiness . Or equal ploshchadochka on which it is possible to put a trifle - on good luck in trade . At all bronze sculptures on Viner so it also is. There grandmothers, professional nishchenki Having distributed sites, regularly clear sculptures of a trifle, without allowing to accumulate it.

at a Tagansky number all has appeared easier. Any grandmothers, any amateur performance, any trifle on the left. All under control. Money on good luck in trade rush to a very narrow bronze pocket chelnochnitsy and at once get in locked bronze antivandalnyj jashchichek. The key is stored at protection and when jashchichek it is hammered by coins, the inspector unlocks a coin box, shakes out it, and mute shuttles are again ready to minister for the trade blessing. The trifle and was strewed to the opening day.

- and where money will put?

- will go on market development, - the representative of administration of the market has significantly responded.

Victor Konteev was present at monument opening. look a photo gallery In Ekaterinburg have opened a monument to shuttles .
the Photo: Vladimirs ANDREYS

the Huge bronze coin box in the form of shuttles were created by local sculptor Vladimir Krivushin.

- Here, has won in competition, - Vladimir modestly broadcasts. - before I already did a city sculpture. a fountain in the street Viner. Together with sculptor Molokovym.
Krivushin quite successful sculptor. It the Fountain water is sometimes overflowed also flows through a board. Say, from - that city visitors throw there a lot of trifle - that when - nibud to return to Ekaterinburg . Here and Shuttles - quite perspective thing. Successfully to trade everyone wants.

- mine shuttles is a generalised character, - the sculptor speaks. - I from anybody did not do them, though in a head had some certain persons, trades are more correct. She is the teacher and the engineer, people of brainwork whom in dashing 90 - e life was necessary to change years abruptly. To learn to trade.

the teacher is a little similar to the woman who has approached to a sculpture of one of the first and has thrown in a pocket some coins. It chelnochnitsa with the experience Sychev`s Hope. In general - that this masterpiece also is devoted it.

- I have worked twenty years in a kindergarten 539, have served to the manager, - the Hope tells. - and reorganisation has then burst, there was an uncertainty in tomorrow. And I have decided to change life abruptly. Has left a kindergarten. In the beginning I have gone to Turkey. As now I remember, it was the party krossovok. Took them directly in firm which makes them. Hands fell off bags and bags. Has brought to Ekaterinburg, there was in the street Sacco and Vanzetti between two poplars and has started to trade. Has gradually begun to enjoy. Then there was an extreme trip to Poland. Here there we naterpelis. Both from gangsters and from the authorities. At the airport in Grodno us have not started up with the goods in the plane. I left also villages at the chassis, have literally seized a wheel: without me the plane will not depart anywhere . There was a scandal, called local OMON fighters. Eventually, the plane have unloaded also our cargo took. It has appeared that excess weight pilots took aboard - they wanted to carry to Russia for themselves Polish cuisines Too, to see, chelnochili .

Sculptor Vladimir Krivushin: - Mine shuttles is a generalised character. look a photo gallery In Ekaterinburg have opened a monument to shuttles .
the Photo: Vladimirs ANDREYS

Now Sychev`s Hope dear person. It works as the manager in administration a Tagansky number . The Ex-husband at Nadezhdy Sychevoj, by the way, the engineer, as well as the second sculptural image. Only it never a shuttle was not. Right at the beginning, when the Hope only has begun chelnochit he has not believed in success of business, has not sustained such mode and the spouse have dispersed. And the Hope lifted two daughters herself further. And after all at it it has turned out.

importance to a monument was provided with a city and regional management, market administration, the deputy of a municipal duma. Victor Konteev has noticed that years 15 - 20 back small shuttle business the beginnings aloud to replace economy of large factories, the industries. Then it was the necessary measure, an exit from the hardest situation. The situation was levelled, and shuttle business has undergone changes, having turned to civilised forms of trade.

- as a tribute to the first shuttles, not only supported the families, but also lowered deficiency of the goods, it, undoubtedly, a significant monument, - the assistant to the mayor has noted.  


Blagoveshchensk a shuttle is an intelligent young man in points and with the Chinese trunks.
a photo: Julia Goman

In Blagoveshchensk a shuttle

Julia GOMAN, - Blagoveshchensk confidently looks ahead.

In bronze the intelligent young man in points and with Chinese   is cast; trunks - on a shoulder and in a hand. It too earns money.

in its purse on a belt there is an aperture where it is possible to throw a coin - inside a monument hollow, and   money gets straight to his foot.

- Sculptures shuttles is in Belgorod and in Donetsk area, -
the general director Amur   tells; fairs Anatoly Teljuk, ideological
the inspirer of installation of a monument in Blagoveshchensk. - the main difference of the Amur monument that he with confidence looks forward.