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Place of destruction of tourists near Novosibirsk the heap of logs is considered damned

the Burnt skeleton of the old house, a rut, shlakoblochnyj garage with a long crack. The landscape of abrupt turn on ill-starred 103 - m kilometre in itself creates gloomy mood. Peasants assure that this place damned - here constantly there are afflictions. Next from them has carried away at once nine lives.

- See, what turn sharp? Constantly here cars fight, in houses run, into garage, - Alexander - the man living nearby - shows a hand on a crack which remained after next tarana. - Once here even   collectors ran.

is a place damned, - without a doubt shade takes out a verdict the militiaman - the senior ensign of the call centre who has worked in Ordynsky area of many years.

it would Seem, put a chipper along road, svetootrazhajushchie signs, and prokljate as a hand will remove. But, it appears, ominous glory 103 - go kilometre not only from - for deadly bends.

Local residents tell that many years ago the plane - " here has many years ago failed; kukuruznik . There was it   so for a long time that technical possibilities of that time have not helped to establish the reason. And has then burnt down the house nearby - of it now remind the charred timbered walls.

the Owner of other house has got under the truck, and the mistress has died from an excessive dose of alcohol. A log hut in which they lived, gradually took away on logs - by today`s night from it there were walls in half of human growth. Last traces of this construction the trip bus

Last traces of this construction the trip bus
the Photo dared itself: Andrey KOPALOV