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Omsk Avant-guard the Adviser of the governor of the Omsk region for hockey questions Anatoly Bardin will be overcome for removal of disqualification from doctors of club

has commented on the recent decision of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Omsk region.  

we Will remind, the investigatory committee has passed the decision that doctors Avant-guard (Belkin and Batushenko) are guilt-free in Alexey Tcherepanov`s death, and has refused criminal case excitation:

- I Consider that the investigatory committee has passed the decision which represents the facts. After Tcherepanov`s death the Moscow physicians have declared that doctors Avant-guard have sent on ice of the sick person - it has revolted us. Lesha after all not only at us passed medical examination. It went in a national team, to the North America where behind it doctors too looked - but also those have found out nothing. It is very unpleasant that almost whole year went process, physicians called on interrogations.

After that decisions of investigatory committee we begin to struggle for rehabilitation of doctors of club. We will write in KHL the letter on restoration of their status.