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Dima suffers improbable pains

We continue the action which will help to save life to children

At the boy of a bone of a basin do not form a ring. Urgent operation that them to connect and cope with a pathology is necessary.

it is terrible, when the child gets to a misfortune. And it is unimportant, thy it or not - another`s children do not happen. It is and more more terrible, when you know that the native little man can be rescued, but on it huge means are necessary, and they are not present. This heading about children which parents have already despaired to find money for treatment of the kid. Their unique hope - your kind hearts, and we ask: help our remains!

If the help is necessary to you, be converted by phone (3952 208 - 008.

Dima SHUPENKO - 12 - the summer fellow which for eyes many name small muzhichkom: the boy thinks beyond the years is adult, is not capricious, the family in offence does not give. Whenever possible always helps parents and elder sister on the house. It already became the present computer expert and in no time will reanimate any car. But even such courageous fellow not alone to overcome the terrible diagnosis in forces - at Dimy a serious pathology of an urethra, from - for which it constantly suffers a terrible pain.

Dimka in a family of Shupenko was the desired and long-awaited child: when the kid was born, the pleasure of parents was not a limit. Therefore the verdict of doctors has sounded like a bolt from the blue: with such diagnosis the set of operations and long treatment is required.

Next 12 years of life of Dimki and his parents have turned to the present nightmare: on 6 - 7 months in a year the boy lay in hospital after the next operation. All family had to move from Tulun to Irkutsk that at any moment the best doctors could come to the rescue. Now Dimke constantly should transfer very much difficult procedures, to spend which is less painfull mum Larissa can only.

- mum understands Language of a children`s pain only. And I precisely know how not to cause to the son a pain, - Larissa, the former medical worker, to doctors speaks, and those trust it to carry out the next procedure.

Now Dimke is necessary the most important and necessary operation: at it bones of a basin do not form a ring, and it is necessary to connect them to cope with a pathology.

- perform similar operations in Moscow and Petersburg, in Irkutsk simply there are no experts with demanded qualification, - with bitterness has told to correspondents Alexey Solovev managing urological branch Ivano - Matreninsky children`s hospital. - but without it Dima never will cope with illness!

operation, probably, Dimke will spend free of charge - and if for it will allocate a quota the state. If is not present, it is necessary to pay in several thousand roubles. But anyway more half a year Larissa with the son should spend in one of these very expensive cities. So, it will be necessary where - that to live, something is also the main thing - to buy Dimke necessary medicines. Whence to take this money to a family where the unique supporter there was a father who becomes exhausted, but earns copecks in comparison with the necessary sum? The apartment in Irkutsk is taken from Shupenko in a mortgage, and even they cannot sell it.

Most of all Dimka wants to go to school as its contemporaries, and to cease to feel a constant pain. But every day chances of rescue of the boy decrease with improbable speed - operation is necessary urgently! If you can help, contact Diminoj mum by phone 8 - 914 - 9 - 47 - 00 - 87.
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the BILL
the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation
NTS 9083432
Internal structural division: 8586/ 0120
the Bill 42307. 810. 7. 1835. 8304384
the addressee: Shupenko Larissa Viktorovna (mum Dimy).