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See you with Juroj I at all did not want in marriage

Evgenie and Yury Sushkovy have got acquainted in a circle of friends three years ago.
- As it also happens more often, we have met the future husband in the big noisy company, - remembers Evgenie. - I have come to cafe with the girlfriends, it - with the friends. My friends knew Juru, and here I have seen it for the first time. I will not hide, it was pleasant at first sight. Nice, smiling - in a word, soul of the company. Well as in such not to fall in love!

After cafe Yury has invited all to itself. And there it so began to look after carefully Eugene that all was clear and without words.

- It has sat down with me nearby, - tells Evgenie. - during tea drinking enclosed me a pie slice, added a seagull. And has suggested to take home in the late evening. So we also began to meet.

to Tell on truth, see you with Juroj I did not want in marriage. That is why - that would not be desirable me. I carelessly thought what to surround myself with man`s socks and pans will still be was in time. But Jura has turned all my representations. I at last have realised what to do all it for FAVOURITE at all in burden, and to the contrary. (Smiles.)


Questions Evgenies:

- a leah Is at the husband bad habits, which to you not to liking?

- Yes. I do not love, when he till the morning sits in front of the computer. (Yury: At me bad habits are not present. I do all correctly .)

- a leah Suits spouses small feasts for you a two?

- About yes! In this plan it the clear head! Often takes out me where - nibud on the nature! (Yury: And as! It is necessary after all to please the wife! )

Questions to Yury:

- you to words of the spouse listen?

- Yes, certainly! (Evgenie: Well about - about - it is very rare! Basically I obey him! )

- That about its bad habits will tell? There are such?

- Aha, there is one. She at me studies and works simultaneously. And after also to girlfriends likes to come. In general, I it see a little. (Evgenie: I and knew that he it will tell! )


Tamara Petrusenko.

Vladislav Petrusenko Writes:

- You my good angel, and I am not tired to repeat that You the most favourite, You the most desired My wife, my Tamarochka!


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