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The Chinese boy drinks five years gasoline

And at you - that, Zin, the friend was from factory of tyres. So that on a broader scale supped gasoline! You remember, Zin! Hardly 14 - the summer teenager from the Chinese province Sichuan heard Vladimir Vysotsky`s song. Though it on starting to drink daily gasoline, too has pushed art. Having seen enough a serial Transformers in which reasonable robots among themselves war, he has decided to become same, as they. And in it, in its opinion, the gasoline use should help.

First he secretly drank fuel from lighters which dragged from a little shop belonging to his family. Then merged gasoline from the fatherly scooter. Parents tried to disaccustom it to this habit, but unsuccessfully. Eventually it has started to steal fuel from the cars parked in the street. Behind this employment it was caught also by neighbours, business has become known.

According to the father of the boy, now his son drinks to three litre bottles of gasoline in day that extremely negatively affects its mental faculties. Before it was the sharp child, but for those five years that uses fuel, strongly grew stupid. And now it is not capable to make even elementary mathematical actions.

Doctors promise to help to the teenager to cope with fatal dependence, but already return it health of the doctor hardly can.




Even one glass - a deadly dose

- I Doubt that the boy can drink gasoline in litres and on - former to survive, - has told d. M. n., the head of laboratory of toxicology MNTS of narcology of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Vladimir Nuzhnyj. - even the gasoline glass is already deadly dose for our liver. So the three-litre portion of fuel is a fantastic exaggeration... But it is unequivocal at the teenager - considerable propensities to glue sniffing, differently he could not even inhale gasoline pair.

As to the worsened mental faculties - and no wonder! The first that suffers affliction at all inhalation addicts (glue sniffers), is the liver, the second - intellectual, powers of thinking, memory. Considering that in fatal predilection has played a role podrazhatelnyj the moment (attempt to become transformer), is necessary to reflect and on a mental deviation.

I Am afraid, if the boy survives and even will cease to be fond of gasoline, to restore its physical and intellectual form after the five years` experience moreover with such early beginning it will be already impossible...

has written down Anna KUKARTSEVA.