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In the Chelyabinsk area vagabonds burn down cars for money

does not pass also weeks that firemen have not informed on the burnt down car. avtopiromany is a scourge of megacities. Cars a plait in Moscow, Peter, now this wave has come and to us. But the militia considers that night fires on parking - not tricks of the madman, and work of gangsters.

- We have detained already from tens instigators, - Paul Grigoriev, the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on the Chelyabinsk area, - half from them teenagers, second half - vagabonds has told. Some say that received money for arsons. We only have started to untangle this ball.

Field investigators have noticed that cars which or stand in not put places, or on parkings round which there is a dispute (better to say burn, gangsters divide territory).

Having been tired of unbounded thefts of mobile phones, the militia has densely taken up the issue. Groups on duty began to leave faster on such calls. SHerstili flea markets. To steal mobile phones it became unprofitable, and street thieves have passed to gold ornaments. Also have hidden at entrances. The victim undertakes one hand the door handle, in other hand a bag, during this moment the pilferer breaks ear rings and escapes.

- Still one year ago similar references there were units, - Paul Grigoriev, - and now such crimes - weight explains. To open them uneasy, often a victim do not remember signs attacking. And many of those whom have caught, - minors. To punish them it is difficult

How to be protected from such attacks? Leave from work, remove ornaments and hide far away in a handbag that pickpockets in a minibus have not stolen.


Crisis has struck on militia

Now the Department of Internal Affairs on the Chelyabinsk area gets from the budget money only for the wages and gasoline for office cars. All programs of equipment of militia and buildings of new buildings are frozen by new technics. To cut expenses, in all big cities of the country (including in Chelyabinsk) will reorganise regional police stations. Since October ROVD will be called as territorial administrations of internal affairs, and their staff to be reduced almost twice. Under reduction managers will go. The number of field investigators and persons on duty remains former.