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Flu A (H1N1): the Infection rises

Disturbing and unfavourable news to Kyrgyzstan have come one of these days from Kazakhstan. The serious trouble local doctors was called by the group of the Kazakhstan schoolboys which have come back on July, 19th from an ill-starred trip to London. In some days of three children have ailed and were converted behind the help to physicians. Having sent analyses in special laboratory in Almaty, experts have received shocking diagnosis: schoolboys are infected by a virus of flu A (H1N1).
- For today in Astana 6 cases of infection of children are confirmed by a so-called Californian flu, - has told the main state health officer KR, the deputy minister of public health services of Sabirzhan Abdikarimov. - Troy from them it is hospitalised. Three more children receive out-patient treatment. According to our Kazakhstan colleagues, a status of young patients the satisfactory.
According to the main health officer KR, it is impossible to exclude possibility of penetration of a dangerous infection and on territory of our republic. In this connection Kyrgyzstan strengthens control on points of crossing of borders. The special attention will be given to the crews making the international flights, and the passengers arriving from other states.
- we will regularly receive from flight attendants lists arriving, - adds Sabirzhan Abdikarimov. - At the slightest suspicion on a flu, we ask to be converted at once behind the qualified medical aid. The patients who have appeared in group of risk, will be observed in a residence.
cough, rise in temperature, a cold, a head and muscular pain, vomiting (in hard cases) - in the presence of such symptoms the expert advises immediately to be converted behind medical aid. In republic as assures the deputy minister of public health services, the stock of medicines is created - is bought more than 10 thousand packings protivogrippoznogo a preparation Tamiflju . It, if something happens, will treat the diseased.
- and to limit infection distribution, I would recommend to use gauze bandages, - the main health officer of the country underlines.
by the way, in Kazakhstan where according to all available data from all 13 cases of infection by flu A (H1N1) are fixed, medical masks and oksolinovaja ointment which doctors advise to apply as an effective prophylactic, in few days became the scarce goods. Disturbed by a developing situation kazahstantsy will sweep away them from chemist`s counters literally.