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On a Kulikovo field near Tula have found out tips of arrows and fragments of an armour

the Next search season of joint expedition of the State Historical museum and the State memorial estate a Kulikovo field has come to the end more than successfully. In hands of archeologists there were finds which with confidence can be carried up the time of battle on Don of 1380.

Researches were spent at a beam Anonymous. This territory, on which,   under the version of archeologists, more 6 centuries ago passed the main thing boestolknovenie between Dmitry Donsky`s armies and zolotoordyntsami. On the given site in former years the most part of relics of Kulikovsky fight has been found.

- Finds of this year have been found out approximately in 20 metres from the throwing spear found in 2005 sulitsy, - have told in a press - service State military - historical and natural memorial estate a Kulikovo field . - For the first time for all history of researches   in hands of archeologists there were two unequivocal things for one season - tips of arrows.

On type it is Russian arrows. One of tips - lopatoobraznyj - can be dated widely enough. The second - a narrow cut armour-piercing tip   - definitely speaks about time of Kulikovsky fight. It was bent at hit, an arrow staff, on - visible, has been broken, as a shank   a tip it is covered by a rust.

New finds of archeologists on the First military field of the country
the Photo: the Press - memorial estate services a Kulikovo field

Relics have been found in the location of armies of Golden Horde, is closer to d. Hvorostjanka. According to archeologists, arrows could get here in two cases.   medieval battle began, as a rule, with persecution when armies provoked each other single shots from an onion. In other case - the arrows found archeologists have been directed against the opponent escaping from a battlefield.

In hands of archeologists there were also other finds: a metal plate from an armour with become attached to it kolchuzhnymi rings, a metal plate with the issued edges and apertures which presumably is a fragment of a scaly armour, a detail of a horse harness - a fragment of an unusual horseshoe under the form, and as kresalo and a drill which quite could be a part of marching belongings of the warrior of XIV century.

New relics will pass more exact in the State Historical museum atributsiju. After that they will appear in hands of restorers and will occupy the place of honour among found before relics of Kulikovsky fight in a village Monastyrshchina museum.