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The enterprise - Voronezh, work scales - all-Russian

will be Today in our area not too many the agroindustrial enterprises which not simply survive, desperately floundering in restless abysses of the modern agricultural market, but also effectively work, showing stable growth of manufacture. One of such enterprises is really the unique agricultural company for our region with the simple name accurately reflecting an essence of its work, - Open Society Voronezh perepelinoe an economy .


In the beginning zero years state farm Voronezh that in New Usmansky area, represented a pity show: large manufacture is no time have knocked down dashing
90 - e . Rushed in the country Bush`s legs have forced domestic poultry farming to lower the turns sharply. Has not avoided it and Voronezh - manufacture has started to collapse already in 1991 - m and by 1993 has practically died. The followed then eight years were for state farm years of full ruin: that economic tsunami could not destroy, local residents have taken away on a brick. A leah it is necessary to say that for the settlement, all which life of inhabitants (and it nearby 1000 persons) was under construction round the state farm, the given situation was blow much below a belt. By a recognition of the present head of department of agriculture of administration of New Usmansky area of Vyacheslav Lomonova, the area management considered revival of manufacture by business of prime importance.

- And here in 2003 to us with the interesting offer representatives " were converted; Voronezh perepelinogo economy Anninsky area, - Vyacheslav Mihajlovich remembers. - Negotiations went long, about half a year, but as a result same year on a place of the gone bankrupt state farm there was Open Society Voronezh perepelinoe an economy .

Today Voronezh perepelinoe an economy is the successful, dynamically developing agroindustrial enterprise of the European level constantly increasing outputs and in parallel with it increasing capacities. Now it lets out 3 million perepelinyh eggs and 100 thousand carcasses perepelov in a month, covering 50 percent of all manufacture of eggs and 90 percent of meat in total amount perepelinoj production of Russia and practically forming this sector of the domestic market. Similar indicators do the Voronezh region by the doubtless long-term leader of the given branch in scales of all our country. Exaggeration will not tell that presence in territory of our area of a similar economy is the big strategic good luck for the Voronezh edge which nowadays closely have approached to restoration of the status of serious agroindustrial region.


Thus so effective indicators of volumes of output Voronezh perepelinogo economy at all do not settle all potential of capacities available for the enterprise.

- Requirements of the domestic market in perepelinoj production far are not satisfied now, - the director " speaks ; Voronezh perepelinogo economy Oleg Shinkarenko . - Thanks to our own marketing firm - to the Trading house the Box which, besides us, has united round itself some specialised integrated poultry farms: Open Company Interptitsa Open Company the Perepelinoe economy Anninsky area, Open Company Rostov - Don the Rostov region and Moscow the First perepelinuju the company - we cover today approximately 40 percent of territory of Russia. 60 more we only should master. In the near future we plan to double at least our manufacture, and during the subsequent three - five years we will increase egg manufacture approximately five times, and meat - in 10 - 15 from that volume that we let out today.

the Photo: Alexander MAROCHKIN

it is not necessary to doubt a reality of realisation of so optimistical forecasts especially: today Voronezh perepelinoe an economy has excellent industrial base, a good hardware, sufficient labour, technological and educational resources, and also strong positions and communications in the marketing markets of Russia. The economy management aspires to introduce the advanced technologies on all levels of production. The enterprise has concluded contracts with several institutes which develop the technologies directly concerning to perepelovodstvu under its demand. Insignificant, apparently, a detail, but nevertheless rather indicative: in enterprise territory already now practically there is no characteristic specific smell, and soon it will disappear absolutely.

- We strictly observe technologies of recycling of the bird`s dung, - the general director of the trading house " explains ; the Box and the director of Open Company Interptitsa Alexander Kornienko . - Besides, now by request of our enterprise research assistants of institute of technology develop two years special bacteria for processing perepelinogo a dung which allow to transform for a week a dung into flavourless fertilizer. It will need to be packaged and put on sale only. Today bacteria are already developed, now there is their certification.

SING - KA With us the FEMALE QUAIL - perepelochka

the Production cycle Voronezh perepelinogo economy also impresses. According to Olga Epanchinoj`s main livestock specialist, the enterprise incubator is calculated on 120 thousand eggs. Zakladyvanie eggs in an incubator occurs on the average two - three times a month. Eggs inkubirujutsja 15 days in preliminary incubatory cases and two days - in vyvodnyh. The incubator is completely automated: clever devices heat, humidify and ventilate eggs. Accuracy of control of parametres reaches the tenth shares. Thanks to it conclusion level perepeljat very good - not less than 80 percent.

After an incubator hatching baby birds go to shop dorashchivanija, calculated on 50 thousand chickens where they spend the first 30 days of the life. More close by the end of this term workers of shop make sorting perepeljat on chickens and cockerels. And already after that cockerels go on otkorm (them grow up on meat), and chickens fill up industrial flock.

the Shop of manufacture of commodity egg (a place where layers reside) is calculated on 400 thousand seats. Here too all is automated: kormorazdacha, pometoudalenie, jajtsesborka. Therefore with work on service of all this peeping crowd only three poultry-maids - the operator which sort a bird consult for one change, put things in order, pack eggs. For days of the poultry-maid collect 35 thousand eggs. In shop of a female quail there are 330 days, then they are changed for young growth.

the Photo: Alexander MAROCHKIN

In tare shop Voronezh perepelinogo economy in day it is made to 1000 - 1200 boxes for eggs. Everyone is marked, supplied with a date of issue.

- to Work here to me it is pleasant, - packer Irina Zharikov speaks. - payment at us price-work, in a month leaves from 8 to 10 thousand roubles.

the Packed eggs go on jajtsesklad - the huge storehouse calculated on 2 million of eggs.

- But warehousings of egg at us practically do not occur, production disperses on trading networks very quickly, - the chief executive of Open Company " marks ; Interptitsa and Voronezh perepelinogo economy Ivan Tuzhikov . - Eggs are at us in a warehouse a maximum of 10 days.


the Story about Voronezh perepelinom an economy will be incomplete if not to tell about social projects of the enterprise, its role in development of territory of area.

- At us developed enough social infrastructure: there is a school, Recreation centre, many-storeyed houses, a boiler-house, - the head of department of agriculture of administration of New Usmansky area Vyacheslav Lomonov explains. - Voronezh perepelinoe an economy has incurred reconstruction of our boiler-house which have translated to gas, is engaged in a local waterpipe, renders the big help in building. Besides, the enterprise has looked after Maslovsky high school, giving it essential financial support, helping to carry building out repairs, participating in the organisation of graduation parties. Money resources are allocated with an economy and for the maintenance of every possible circles and sections, in particular - on functioning at us judo school. From 8 million tax payments of an economy of 2 million arrive in the regional budget. Work of this enterprise always is on a joint of economy and social life. To well enterprise - it is good also to social sphere of area. To badly enterprise - all expenses on sotsialke go a heavy burden on the local budget. As a whole support of social sphere of area is a good help from outside Voronezh perepelinogo economy for all our inhabitants.


Meat perepelov is delikatesnyj a product which is used in dietary and dietetic therapy and possesses original flavouring qualities. It much more advances dietary product more habitual for us in this sense - krolchatinu.
Eggs perepelov - a unique product which basic characteristics ability to be antiallergen concerns and also to deduce radionuklidy from an organism. On effektnosti the influence perepelinye eggs are comparable to tablets - radio protectors which are applied today on polluted radioactive radiation the enterprises. Therefore perepelovodstvo it is in large quantities presented in Japan where each schoolboy for a breakfast necessarily receives pair perepelinyh eggs. From the European countries culture of consumption perepeljatiny more all is developed in Spain and France.