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The young lion found in the Moscow street contraband carried to Ukraine

On Saturday Moscow the young lion has alarmed. With a beast someone has left a cage on the area of three stations. Passers-by have called militia. By the night the owner appeared and has explained: caught the truck, carries 50 - kilogramme 10 - monthly Archibalda from the Omsk menagerie to Kaluga where create a zoo at the Children`s rehabilitation centre. Documents on the cat were as it should be, and militiamen of a predator have released ( In the centre of Moscow have lost a young lion ) .

And next day the Belgorod customs officers on Russian - the Ukrainian border examined a train St.-Petersburg - Sevastopol. In platform have come across a huge box with the window closed by a lattice. In it someone loudly pottered about and snuffled...

is who there at you? - Have taken an interest at guides.

- Yes a dog! - so the passenger has told.

Customs officers have glanced in a window and have sighed: the African young lion looked at them! As it was found out, that - Archibald.

- the Owner - the Muscovite long and willingly told, how strongly loves animals, helps various Russian zoos, gives consultations, - Elena Shljahova, the employee tells a press - services of the Belgorod customs. - only documents on export from Russia the young lion at it was not. Has shown any delayed veterinary certificates on servala.

Serval - too the big cat, but is not left in any way. In the end - the ends the passenger has broken up : has told that has bought a young lion in Omsk for the Ukrainian menagerie. But instead of contracts on transportation and transfer of an animal only the baggage receipt. Has paid for transportation of a dog, and explorers and did not begin to check - a leah few dogs in trains travels every day!

- Counted on a carelessness... - the owner of the tsar of beasts has looked down.
now against the fan of animals will file criminal charges under article contraband (till seven years of prison). And customs officers while have lodged a young lion in a local zoo. By the way, it is not bodily collected nearly from such here animals - illegal immigrants .

And in Omsk a zoo assert that have passed a young lion for the Kaluga menagerie quite lawfully. Though and reluctantly. Simply there was nothing to feed a beast. Even money for road to Kaluga the whole world collected...