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In Volgograd rains will pour all the week long

What only a bad word inhabitants of Volgograd did not remember it is summer! The heat and a drought have made the dirty deed. The nature is exhausted without a moisture, people die of a heat in literal sense. Calls fast to cores have increased in times. But even it is necessary healthy inhabitants of Volgograd is unsweetened. To sustain forty degrees - still that test. But already yesterday in the sky have appeared tuchki. It became However, easier not. Instead of the scorching sun - pressing closeness. But rains all of us - taki will please. They will go this and the beginning of the next week. But after this heat again will come.

- Now at us intense it is time: from - for heats and pressure differences and to cores it is necessary hypertensive persons hard, - Evgenie Galkin, the assistant to the head physician of city clinical hospital 25 makes comments on a situation . - Not only to it, but also to healthy inhabitants of Volgograd I advise to observe elementary rules.

Whenever possible plan the affairs for morning or evening when the sun not so is active.

- Well where you, a rain?!
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If a midday scorching heat to avoid was not possible, try to keep more close to parks and underground transitions, there it is possible to take cover for a short while from a heat and to take breath. As a last resort, come into any shop, most likely, conditioners there will work.

to All fans to sunbathe it is not necessary to scorn a sun-protection cream, umbrellas and sun glasses.

Always carry with itself in a bag a small bottle of cold water. But it is not necessary to abuse it in a heat - it is possible to earn quinsy.

As a weather?

on July, 29th, Wednesday: +19, + 22; cloudy, small rain with a thunder-storm;

on July, 30th, Thursday: +20, + 30; cloudy;

on July, 31st, Friday: + 22 + 32, a rain, it is cloudy;

on August, 1st, Saturday: + 25 +30, clearly;

on August, 2nd, Sunday: + 23, +25, slightly overcast;

on August, 3rd, Monday: +22, + 24, slightly overcast;

on August, 4th, Tuesday: +23, +25, clearly.