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In Bashkiria the militiaman has broken a hand to townspeople

Has fallen, has regained consciousness - plaster

One and a half years ago, in the winter, the inhabitant of October Elman Gusejnov came back home. They together with close girlfriend Dashej Lobanovoj were on a visit at aunt Elmana, celebrated birthday of the nephew. Time was later, almost eleven evenings, and last bus has left hour two back.

- We have decided to walk on foot. On road have come into shop, have bought grain sticks and a can of beer, - tells Elman. - And only were going to leave shop as in platform two militiamen have approached to me and have suggested to go out of doors a pier, - drunk in a public place. On birthday of the nephew I have, of course, drunk. But only two wine-glasses of vodka also it was quite adequate. But as the person I legislative has agreed to go to branch. Documents at me with itself was not, but I have told that them at once will bring, as soon as I will call and I will ask. And they even did not listen to me …

Two employees of city militia of Estuaries and Timohin* Gusejnova in police station have moved. Then, according to the guy, began to unscrew sharply to it hands back.

- I even have not understood that occurs, continues the story of Elman. - Timohin has suddenly started to shout that I resist, though I went exactly and was not unsteady. I have felt a crunch in the left hand and a sharp pain, even in eyes have grown turbid. I therefore have specially fallen to the ground, because while I lie, me at least do not pull for hands. Which - as could rise, has asked children, for what they have broken to me a hand. And they in the answer only have grinned: “ we Know such simulators! “.

Girl-friend Elmana, Dasha, has started to dial at once number “ Fast “ But to it have not allowed to call physicians have threatened that a call will consider false, and the girl should also be responsible for it. From police station bent otboli the guy have brought to a sobering-up station. There it has examined the medical assistant and, according to Elmana, has been sincerely surprised: he did not resemble at all them “ clients “.

“ Fast “ nevertheless have called, and Elmana have brought to hospital.

“ In Office of Public Prosecutor to me at first have not believed “

- After that what`s happened, I have decided to be converted into Office of Public Prosecutor, - remembers Elman. - I to all of them have told, and they to me at first have not believed. I also speak to them check up!

Elmanu has carried with proofs - on a building of one of banks there were the videocameras which have shot all scene which has occurred in the street.

the Militiaman has counted Elmana drunk of - for cans of beer in a hand.

- On a film it is accurately visible that I was not drunk and a hand to me have really broken, - tells Elman. - This record then and the public prosecutor on court looked, and the judge too. And I, by the way, two months while the hand was ill, did not work. Was at home without money. It is good that relatives helped.

- At first the October city court has denounced Limanova for 3 years conditionally, - the head of the Bashkir representation of Multi-region public organisation " has told to us; Committee against tortures “ Vladislav Sadykov. - but the Sovereign court has cancelled this sentence, and the city court has justified the militiaman. But all of us have achieved revision, - and here one of these days to Limanovu again a distance 3 years conditionally.

the Call to militia

- I consider that our employee is guilt-free, - the chief of criminal militia Shamil Farrahov speaks fulfilling duties of chief OVD on October. - Ruku Gusejnovu have really broken, but it has been made neumyshlenno. The militiaman operated in full conformity with the duty regulations. It did not break the law.

Now Estuaries has prepared the appeal in the Sovereign court of republic. It is necessary to consider as well that Limanova for it already justified once.

*Θμενΰ militiamen are changed

the Educational program

When pravoohraniteli can apply force?

All rights of guards are accurately registered in the Federal law “ About militia “. Militiamen can check at you documents only in the event that there are sufficient bases to suspect you in commission of crime or to believe that you are wanted. Or if there is an occasion to business excitation about an administrative offence.

to Examine you have the right only in the event that there are suspicions about presence for you the weapon, ammunition, drugs, etc. (item 2, item 11). Take away in a sobering-up station pravoohraniteli can only persons who are so drunk that have lost ability independently to move or be guided. Or if your status represents danger to other people (item 11, item 11).

to Apply physical strength the militiaman has the right only in the event that in some other way it is impossible to stop an offence. And in case of application of force or the weapon the militiaman is obliged to warn them about intention to use, having given thus enough time for performance of the requirements. If force nevertheless has to be applied and someone has received physical injuries, the pre-medical help should be rendered the victim, and its relatives should be notified on an event. The public prosecutor also should be notified on all cases of death and wound (item 12).