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To the Bashkir potato the bug

Weather this year is not terrible koloradsky is incited against gardeners - and thaw to a place were, both frosts, and a drought. Experts warn that the potato crop in this season is expected twice less. One pleasure - the Ufa scientists have deduced a new grade the second bread .

to Grow up it it is much easier, because this kind koloradskomu categorically is not pleasant to a bug. Over creation of a potato with the patriotic name Bashkir scientists worked almost 20 years, and have spent an order of 1,5 million roubles. And here, at last, our experts managed - taki to develop a new hybrid of in public favourite tuber, which in comparison with usual on 40 - 50 % are less eaten by the wrecker.

And scientists have not gone by the way of many western companies which create genno - the modified plants.

- If the potato with genes - mutants allocates toxin which kills a bug, of course, he can be harmful and to the person. So the main difference of ours inventions is a security, the laboratory chief of selection and seed-growing of a potato of the GNU of Bash of scientific research institute of agriculture, Cand.Biol.Sci. Ildar Mardanshin speaks. - it is primary paslenovye contribute in growth and reproduction of a bug as comprise solanin. Therefore we have lowered a share solanina in a potato and have replaced it on difficultly acquired by a bug tomatin. So now larvae their viability and survival rate badly develops, decreases. Thus taste and nutritiousness of a product are saved by the former. Meanwhile such tubers grow only in Birsk, therefore the main task of scientists to multiply and extend new hybrids on all areas of Bashkiria.


the Koloradsky potato bug has received the name in 1859 after has devastated potato fields in American state Colorado. In Bashkiria it has appeared in 1975. Then there was a drought, and the bug was delivered together with straw from the western areas USSR. Productivity of culture on the fields amazed with the wrecker has decreased at once half, and even it is more. After all for a season the female of a bug postpones to thousand eggs these are 40 layings so, covers a minimum of 40 plants which become a source of food for larvae.