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Apartments have fallen in price. And repair?

now it is necessary to buy apartment at least because repair will manage time in two more cheaply, than before crisis - has pleased recently our correspondent the familiar realtor.

Not all agree with this statement. Other acquaintances who have started still before crisis European-quality repair, cannot finish it now in any way and silently howl from the new prices for the Spanish tile and German wall-paper, and Belarus to them on design do not approach.

So repair taking into account crisis or at all to the contrary has fallen in price?


the labour has sharply gone down in price. That is the services anyhow connected with carrying out of repair. With it almost all experts agree, the different companies name figures already in 40 - 60 %.

And it concerns not only services of visiting guest workers and the draught works which are not demanding outstanding qualification. Without work now sit about half of capital architects and designers (though, of course, not the most eminent) - according to their appetites about payment were reduced.

And here with finishing materials the situation is not so unequivocal.

- There are goods which have really fallen in price, - Elena Levinina, the assistant to the general director " speaks; the Kashirsky court yard . - Some companies have wanted to use crisis and to increase the share in the market. From such manufacturers there is very serious dumping, and on many kinds of the goods - according to them it is possible to buy more cheaply, than before crisis.

it would be logical to assume that the prices for domestic materials have fallen, and here on import - from - for changes of exchange rates - have grown. But it appears, not all so is simple.

- many foreign companies have factories in Russia, - Elena Levinina explains. - But frequently the goods price depends not so much on goods point of production, how much from the price policy of the companies - it at large manufacturers, as a rule, uniform.

Therefore probably to find the import goods which in crisis have gone down in price, and made in Russia, but in the price the grown.

In particular, many Turkish finishing materials have fallen in price - the local companies very actively carry out dumping to the policy.

... And THAT HAS grown

the goods of those foreign manufacturers which on the occasion of crisis are not engaged in a dumping have unequivocally risen in price. Basically it is materials from the Western Europe. In particular, wall-paper of the European firms, the Italian both Spanish tile and etc.


the Building markets and trading complexes, following wishes of buyers, in crisis have to some extent replaced assortment in favour of cheaper. Therefore the sensation can be created that all has fallen in price. However actually you simply see a bit other goods, than were in the same market before crisis.

On what it is possible to save

1. On labour

As you already, probably, have understood from the aforesaid, it now one of the main points of economy. However it is necessary to be careful: the problem of poor-quality work existing and before crisis, anywhere has not got to. Therefore the best brigade - that which to you was passed from hands to hands by acquaintances and which fruits of work you can look and touch.


Frequently the rather big difference in cost of materials speaks design degree ekskljuzivnosti design. Certainly, if you thirst supercreative decisions and your purse it allows, buy the Italian ceramic tile - it the most interesting in respect of design. The cheap Turkish, Belarus and Russian tile looks standardly enough. But quite responds all minimal requirements to quality of the such goods and will serve belief and truth before following repair.

3. Compare the prices of different manufacturers

the Goods of one type can appear different at cost from - for anti-recessionary dumping politicians of one of manufacturing companies (we spoke about it above). The best and frequently a unique way of such manufacturers to reveal - meticulously to ask sellers.

4. Visit discount actions and commodity days

The anti-recessionary actions with discounts for those or other goods spend and actually sellers. Especially it is characteristic for trading complexes which have opened already in crisis, - therefore to draw to itself attention of buyers it simply vital. The information about commodity days It is usually possible to find in the Internet on sites of building trading complexes.

do not forget, by the way, that in the building markets and in trading complexes (it when many little shops under one roof) with sellers besides are possible and even it is necessary to bargain.

At building hypermarkets usually also there are certain separate goods on spetstsene.

5. Programs for move-ins

At some trading companies are special programs for move-ins. Such clients to sellers of building materials are most favourable, as do serious repair and buy different materials practically in wholesale scales.

And so, do not miss the chance: if at you on hands documents on new apartment, it is possible to receive a special card of the move-in which gives discounts for territories of all building trading complex.

it is important

Remember that repair to you will be done not by the construction superintendent or the foreman, and concrete workers. Therefore it is necessary to receive proofs of qualification of the last. And also to be convinced that the advertised brigade in your apartment will work in the same, instead of in other structure.


2009, % by last month, Moscow

January February March April May June
Linoleum 0 0 +8,9 % +3,3 % +0,2 % +0,4 %
the Tile ceramic facing for internal works +1,3 % +0,4 % +8,8 % +4,3 % +4,6 % +1 %
Paints oil, Enamels domestic +1,1 % +0,1 % +1,2 % +0,1 % +0,2 % +0,7 %
Wall-paper paper +0,5 % +0,9 % 0 0 0 0
Wall-paper vinyl +1 % +2,2 % +3,4 % +1,4 % +0,7 % +1,6 %

Given Federal Services of the state statistics, were considered the goods of mass demand.

How correctly to calculate, how much materials for furnish is required to you look here