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Lists entered the Yaroslavl high schools are announced

Yesterday, on July, 27th,   the Yaroslavl high schools as in other and all across Russia, have announced the first lists of the arrived entrants. At selection committees of crowd of the youth, convulsively searching on long sheets the surnames. And employees of the commissions, there is more than month accepting statements, on last last breath catch at heads. There are no doubts that present campaign will be remembered both that, and another as one of the most nervous and strained.

this year in higher educational institutions unknown competition. And all because entrants can dispatch copies of certificates of Unified State Examination in any quantity though on all faculties of all high schools at once. For example, at pedagogical university on 789 budgetary places 6418 statements are submitted. In comparison with last year it twice is more.

In JAGPU the most enormous competition has appeared on a speciality Management - 946 statements, competition - 105 persons into place and Sociology - 772 statements, 38 persons into place. In Demidovsky also records were beaten by sociology - 857 statements, 61 applicant into place. Really so it is a lot of interested persons to become managers and sociologists?

- At all is not present, - the responsible secretary of selection committee JAGPU Vadim Nevzorov explains. - the reason is banal: only on these specialities was to bring for receipt results of obligatory Unified State Examinations on Russian and mathematics, and still Unified State Examination on social science which the overwhelming majority of graduates handed over for choice enough.

At technical university a work involving all hands on engineering - economic faculty, especially on a speciality Economy and management at the enterprise - 869 statements, almost 40 persons into place.

- Similar competition at us for the first time for many long years. Directly as in theatrical high school, - admit selection committee JAGTU.

However unknown competition is in many respects virtual. After all graduates submitted copies of documents at once to different high schools. How much at us dead souls ? It is the most popular question in selection committees on which while there is no answer. Most of all from this confusion suffer affliction in medical academy.

- If last year on pediatric faculty it has been submitted about 300 demands in it already 590, - Evgenie Uglov tells zamdekana pediatric faculty. - the entrant submitting documents in medical institute, should understand initially: its calling - to be the doctor. And when there is a possibility to submit a Unified State Examination copy, where only will wish if only to arrive, about what calling to treat people it is possible to speak?

So, lists arrived are hung out. However for many entrants time of doubts and experiences yet has not ended. After all the arriving can pass on competition at once in some high schools. To be defined, where all - taki to study, one week is given. In this time it is necessary to carry originals of documents in the chosen institute. It will mean that in other high schools its place will be released, and chance of receipt someone will receive another. Since August, 5th the second wave zachisleny, and on August, 13th - the third will begin.