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Militiamen from the Queen tortured the arrested person, pouring over its boiled water

over the Next loud scandal becomes ripe in militia. Several law enforcement officers from the Department of Internal Affairs situated near Moscow the Queen accuse of a refined sadism. 22 - summer senior sergeant Andrey SH, 29 - the summer lieutenant of Michael K and more their one co-worker which now search, have arrested for tortures.    

... 40 - summer Armen patrolmen have detained in the evening on July, 1st for absence of the passport. Have brought to branch and have passed colleagues. With the swarty citizen without documents (it will be found out later that Armen was born in the Queen, at it here a family and two children) werewolves did not stand on ceremony. Have latched behind the back bracelets have beaten a rubber bludgeon. Have then jostled feet unfortunate under handcuffs, it is literally having curtailed the person into a steering-wheel. After that beating has proceeded. Business was not limited to blows to the head. The lieutenant has brought an electric teapot and began to pour to the arrested person boiled water on genitals...

it is a lot of nateshivshis, sadists have thrown the man for a lattice and as in what happened have gone on houses - change has come to an end. By the way, monsters wanted nothing from the arrested person - had simply a good time.

Fast to the poor fellow their more made colleagues who have taken up watch have called.

- the Victim has got burns of a body of the second and   the third degree, - have told in Investigatory management SKP of Russia across Moscow Region. - it is till now in hospital. Armen has written the statement to Office of Public Prosecutor directly in chamber. The information on participation of arrested persons to two more similar episodes is now checked.

For similar atrocities to werewolves punishment from three till ten years of imprisonment threatens.