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In Kazan there will be an ecological park

its Part remains untouched, and building of stadium of the University game and the Palace of water sports of year will be moved on 100 metres.

As already wrote, some weeks in the street Chistopolsky passed picket under the slogan Here we want park! . Ecologists aspired to convince the authorities to approve alternative projects on building of the given territory and to save green files.

And they at last have been heard. The administration has promised that the part of a coastal zone near to the Soviet transport dam the area about hectare remains inviolable. However this territory is not designated by any clear boundary yet. And ecologists are dissatisfied with the reached results.

- From all considerable territory vodno - security grounds it was possible to save only tiny slice with small lake, - the professor of KGU Nafisa Mingazova, one of the most active opponents of an alluvium of coast Kazanki is distressed.

- It has been reserved under ecological park Islets of Kazanki . And after all researches have shown that pojma Kazanki who seems a bog surrounding simply, actually difficult water area and valuable inundated meadows.

According to Nafisy Mingazovoj, rare plants here grow, spawning areas of valuable kinds of fishes, in particular - a crucian silvery settle down. Against low fish stocks destruction of these spawning areas - appreciable loss.

is will do huge harm It is new - to Savinovsky area, - marks Nafisa Mingazova. - If to destroy all three its green files of this area, here it will be impossible to breathe!

However ecologists of optimism nevertheless do not lose.
- We managed to defend let small, but rich enough green file. It already any result, - is told by a member of presidium of Tatarstansky republican advice of the All-Russia society of wildlife management Sergey Muhachev.

And still ecologists have created a working brigade which will accumulate projects and to plan the further development of park on coast Kazanki and other city territories.