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The drunk reckless driver has flown in crowd of people

Sunday. The half-second day. In Zaostrovke, near the former cinema Rate where now three little shops, it is crowded. Anybody has not had time to react at all, when in a shop porch Products according to eyewitnesses - on mad speed, the foreign car has flown. On the way it sshibla five persons and a carriage with six-monthly Vanej, the boy was lost.

Except the kid, on the bill of the reckless driver three more lives. It is 24 - summer the seller Olga Aksenova - one instant prior to failure she has gone out of doors. And two passengers Mitsubishi - men of 31 and 29 years.

the Driver of a foreign car - in hospital. As leaves - to it at once will bring accusation.

Four women and an one-year-old daughter of one of them who were brought down by a foreign car, now in hospital. In the same place - the originator, 34 - the summer driver Mitsubishi Oleg With. At it cranial - a brain trauma and a thorax bruise.

Mitsubishi a Lancer it was not entered in turn on a line, which metres in seven from shop. According to eyewitnesses, the driver was drunk. It have confirmed and in regional traffic police. Check is now spent. In the near future to the driver of a foreign car will bring accusation.



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