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Burda Moden the Slops endures the second youth

Enne has presented to the Soviet women possibility to put on fashionably and beautifully. In Soviet period of a gift it was not better, than brought from - for borders magazine Slops . I remember these bedraggled, zalistannye to holes magazines which mum`s girlfriends exchanged. And in them - not only models, but also patterns with which help it was possible to sew amazing foreign the dress. Such at that time did not sell even in currency shops the Birch . Even at fartsovshchikov it was not more fashionable than clothes (now would tell - glamurnee), than in the magazine which has been thought up by Enne Slops.

And then, 22 years ago, in the USSR there was a first magazine Burda Moden in Russian. The first western magazine which began to publish in the Union. The mistress of magazine could not pass such event and has arrived to Moscow, being already the lady under 80. Here to it have arranged a meeting with Raisa Gorbachevoj, then with our first lady and the big woman of fashion. And Enne has bought from us for memory the sable cap.

the First lady of the USSR of the end 80 - h was not indifferent to a fashion and hotly greeted arrival of mistress Burda Moden to Moscow

Vstrecha Enne Burda with Raisa Gorbachevoj

After its visit to libraries began to register in turn in the Russian version of magazine. For sewing machines thousand Soviet women have taken seat.

Enne Slops during the first fashion show Burda Moden in Soviet Union

On a broader scale - that this uncommon woman called not Enne - Anna. But its own name seemed to it insufficiently bright for a dream embodiment. And from provincial German small town Offenburga the daughter of the fireman dreamt to get to society. That it also has made, simultaneously helping millions to women to embody from every corner of the globe already their dream - to put on fashionably and beautifully.

In Moscow in the winter of 1987

- In financial crisis many women with even big enthusiasm will start to sew and alter clothes on patterns, - the first editor-in-chief of the Russian edition of magazine Michael Lezhnev has competently told to us. - We as if endure the second youth.