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In the south of Moldova two centres Asian locusts

Danger of destruction of the big areas operatively are liquidated was is prevented by experts of service of fytosanitory protection of the Ministry of Agriculture and the food-processing industry. From the Odessa area the dangerous Asian locust has got to southern areas of republic.
- the suffered sites, and also zones adjoining to them have been processed insektitsidami, - have told in the Ministry of Agriculture, - 200 hectares of agricultural cultures have suffered from invasion of a locust in Vulkaneshtsky and about 180 hectares in Taraklijsky area of the country.
according to the experts, one of the main reasons of invasion Asian locusts the high temperature established in Moldova in July became migrating. Possibilities of prevention of similar situations in agrarian areas are now considered and search of decisions for destruction of all centres of dangerous insects as the locust represents the big danger is conducted: By search of food it destroys all green plants on a migration way and reserves completely waste fields.