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What to do, if your name is not present in the service record?

so, on July, 29th. Sites are opened, lists are made, invitations are dispatched electorate. A word - come and vote. However, there are also unexpectedness - the person is said that his name and a surname in lists is not present. How to be in this case? Workers of selective bureaus advise not to panic: if in your identification card there is a stamp about an addition, you will be included in additional lists. Will gain and otkrepitelnyj the coupon, but in it should be specified, on what site the voter is registered and where it will vote.
and, however, possibility to check up presence of the name and a surname in lists at citizens still, one days prior to elections, is: it is possible or come on a site, or to look at the data on a site http:// www. chisinau. md/. And if what not so to ask to correct.


we Will remind that for carrying out of preschedule parliamentary elections in republic 1987 polling districts which will be opened with 7 have been created. 00 to 21. 00 local time. All citizens can take part in voting to Republic Moldova having the identification cards.

And At this time

It is rumored that employers force the employees to confirm participation in voting. People say that the heads demand from them to present the application to the identification card where there is a press about participation in voting after July, 29th.
- this problem strongly razduta, - makes comments on Chokan. - Us never notified on the similar. At the same time nobody has the right to demand the certificate with the press from subordinates.
Experts recommend to citizens to declare any infringement of their rights during the selective period in association on election campaign monitoring