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QUESTION of DAY: What do you do not to pick up an infectious disease?

Galina ILCHENKO, the tutor of a kindergarten:
- in the Summer, the most important thing, more often to wash hands with soap, to wash vegetables and fruit and there is all svezheprigotovlennoe. So it is possible to avoid many problems connected with summer infections.

Oleg SLANTING, the head of portal IPOTEKA. MD
- I Try to observe rules of personal hygiene always. I wash hands before meal, fruit and vegetables without fail. And more - never I try anything in the market. The purchase, I will come home, I will wash up carefully and only then I eat.

Maryanna MIHAJLOVA, the family doctor:
- I and my family we eat only houses, often we wash hands and we try to happen less in places of the big congestion of people.

Ivan to the BLACK, the businessman:
- Yes I do nothing, because I simply do not think of the bad.

Oksana ZAGADAJLOVA, the student:
- personal hygiene Helps only. I wash hands on hundred times a day and I do not eat dirty vegetables and fruit.

Marina the ADOLESCENT, the manager of tourist agency:
- I Observe personal hygiene, I watch working lives of products. I am checked at least time in three months at the family doctor.

Alexander ROMANJUK, the economist:
- I Try to observe security measures - I watch over the health and I do not communicate with the diseased.

Vasily SHLJAGUN, the president of Federation of basketball of Moldova:
- it is elementary to observe rules of personal hygiene. That`s all.

OREL, the visitor of a site www. Than more than something you are afraid, it with you and happens. It is necessary not to think of the bad simply. It is more than positive and smiles - and you never will be ill!