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The carnival started under a roar of motorcycles

- I too want to them on a motorcycle, - rashnykalsja five years` Slavik on hands at the father. They stood on a crossroads of streets of Republic and Melnikajte.

However the parent only has made a helpless gesture:

is a parade, here it is possible to look only!

Spectators diligently stood at attention, trying to consider details of show from - for goals of others. However on proezzhuju a part from sidewalk did not come - bojazno. Bikers too were very cautious - did not show the usual tricks also held average rate.

From time to time the column stopped, that was tightened a tail a carnival. Then at motorcycles the small crowd gathered. Curious men inspected iron horses and little girls bikers and them " more interested; prikid .

- the Hairy man, turn, please, I will photograph you, - have escaped at me involuntarily.

That has laughed:

- Yes, has lived - volosatikom call!

However with pleasure popoziroval in front of the chamber.

HAIRY the biker - courageous and courageous

Other participants of procession, to the contrary, only greeted townspeople who showed to them interest. On one of platforms where the acrobats span in various tricks, conducting invited daredevils - to be photographed.

- And, I will go - ka and I, I will try, - after long meditations the young man " has rushed; on a boarding . However to rise and has not managed - silenok has not sufficed.

the Attention of men was involved especially with a platform of one cellular company about which little girls in small topics and skirts danced.

- M - m - m - m, here I would get acquainted with that, - the tall guy with artful eyes has nodded to the friend on one of pljasuny. - only here is how to approach - that?

And he has started to deliberate a way of acquaintance. It is quite probable that after the termination of festival he all - taki has managed to treat the girl with ice-cream.

to a strong half of Tyumen little girls in wedding dresses - participants of festival of brides were not less attractive also. They went on a huge platform of the lorry. Four more feminy In snow-white clothes went in the open gilt carriage. Having got accustomed more attentively, it was possible to learn in them those long-legged beauties who regularly draw sights tjumentsev, standing for hours in show-windows of jewelry stores. Girls, probably by force of habit, constantly smiled.

For children mimes became the most attractable - they with pleasure posed mugs, rushed each other soft stuffed bricks blew air bubbles.

the Cheerful king, singing retinue

- Oh, look, there fruit distributes, - has suddenly cried out dark-haired malchonka in shorts and a skullcap. It is literally in a minute has returned happy at once with several abrikosinami and two apples.

are which something not clear sing, - the boy has informed, confidentially showing me extraction. - go there, the aunt, can, and to you will get.

It appears, were so generous on fruit krishnaity. They went in bright linen clothes, dancing under modulating music, kindling aromas, singing to Jara Krishna! and calling in the hearts of many memoirs about past 90 - h and mysterious Indian serials. During distribution elephants - apples and apricots - round them the huge crowd has gathered. That though as - that to fence off from it actors, seniors krishnaity have pulled a rope. Inside there was a singer and musicians.

- About what golosishche - that at the soloist, - was validly specified in them by the old man to the girlfriend of life. - only clothes at them any very ridiculous.

- Same a carnival, - shlepnula it on a hand the wife. - and you if only to laugh!

Bright suits on procession was not too much - participants staked more on staginess of performances, than on clothes. The king - TV presenter Cyril Butusov was favourably allocated. In bright - a red camisole and in a huge yellow rag crown it corrected the carriage where two small princesses sat, Melanja Zykova and Anikin`s Anna, and the queen of a carnival - the winner of competition Image - 2009 Ella Shalamova.

Little girls hid from time to time in depth of crew - escaped from a heat and gave rest to backs. The king was answerable for all - constantly correcting a moving down black wig, he nevertheless smiled and called the people has fun.

Evident propaganda

Goes a carnival procession. At road - the young nice girl distributes booklets about advantage of a healthy way of life. The guys, come to look at a carnival, certainly, try as - to use that a situation. On a smile on duty and the stretched leaflet, one of the guys who are standing on sidewalk insinuatingly says: the Girl, well what for to you it? We will go better with us! .

the Girl the offer rejects, but its smile from the person on duty turns in quite sincere. It goes further, having left young men to read a leaflet narrating about   harm and consequences of the use of alcoholic drinks. Quite probably that this leaflet very much is useful to them and next day its maintenance it will be more clear.

the Fan of knights

By the open car drive rekonstruktory in full regimentals: helmets, chain armours, swords Look effectively and even slightly ustrashajushche. Young mum decides to use it and slightly to frighten the raskapriznichavshujusja the daughter: Look! Yourself you will badly conduct - I will give you to them! .

the Girl becomes silent, hardly slightly opens a mouth and pair of seconds attentively considers the going. Considerably that she about something tensely thinks. At last, she dares and safely says: OK! Probably, already precisely knows that all time to behave well it will not turn out, is ready to find new friends in suits of the last centuries.  

Rice - layers, meat - pieces

Approximately in two hours parade has arrived to destination - city administration.
after long procession townspeople relaxed in territory of Color parkway. Tjumentsy, not especially deliberating, arranged picnics directly on a park grass, near to walking paths.

People had a rest directly on a grass

In a course there was all - and the sandwiches laid up in advance from the house, and the hamburgers bought in fast food. Having a rest the tent of the Uzbek cooks used special attention - they sold the real, aroma - plov from a huge tub. It was visible that it is prepared duly - rice and vegetables went layers, meat - the big pieces.

That plov

the Macho with a guitar

For one day the Color parkway has turned to old Moscow Arbat - on it artists, actors and musicians have settled down. One of singers has arrived on a City Day from the Latin American country Chile - that in a feast to please passers-by with passionate lyrical songs in a native language.

- I studied when - that, about fifteen years ago, in one of the Tyumen universities, - the singer explains the affection in Siberia. - and already the third year I come here successively to act.

Certainly, the reasons such postojannosti and love to a city on Tour are covered not so much in nostalgic memoirs, how much in financial benefit. The photo with this handsome man in national dresses and with the person of the American Indian manages to each interested person in 200 roubles. Only during our short conversation with it were in time will be clicked two townspeople. However, how much earns for a day, the man and has not told, only has artfully blinked the eyes.

the considerable quantity of townspeople gathered nevertheless at the improvised scene - the fenced platform where the theatre " acted; the Mimicry . This day actors showed all performances. These performances were already fell in love tjumentsam - spectators stood in five - six numbers.

the Musician from Chile

the King of a carnival wanted to cut off a tie at the mayor of Tyumen

Evgenie Kujvashev has outwitted the king and left to the people without a tie.

Amusing tradition something to cut off at the master was born on medieval carnivals. Venetians otchekryzhivali a piece of a celebratory scarf on a neck dofina, and Germans - a feather of a peacock on a hat of the burgomaster. The pier, from this point on all power passes to the king of a carnival for now we dance and we play the fool, you - in resignation.

last year at the mayor of Tyumen Evgenie Kujvaeshva publicly cut off a tip of its tie. The people then it is noisy has countenanced this procedure, therefore circumcision it has been again included in the carnival scenario.

- I even had to be trained preliminary, - smiling Cyril Butusov who this year played a role of the king has told to me. - took from children any greyish old tie and chikanul it an test some times. It appears, it is easy.

- All have noticed that the mayor left to meet you in one shirt, without attribute on a neck. How you think, why?

- I do not know, but to me the director one minute prior to ceremony has told that anything we will not cut.

- Perhaps it became a pity to the mayor of a tie?

- So we to it have preliminary bought and have presented special - which it is not a pity.

- Podi now scissors of painfully terrible configuration have prepared on the occasion of crisis?

- did not see, to me them have not given out.

- has not become puzzled, when so it is sharp cut off the scenario?

- Is not present, the main thing was necessary to me, on behalf of the king to order to have fun. The people have understood the order and - had fun.

I Think, organizers of a carnival have changed the scenario here for what reason. This year procession was met at once by three official the governor Tyumen: Evgenie Kujvashev - the mayor, Sergey Medvedev - the mayor, the chairman of the Duma, and Sergey Sarychev - vitse - the governor.

Means, plastat ties it was necessary at all. Represent a picture: there are dear three persons and at all - any rags on a neck dangle. Ridiculously and lovely, of course, but at us - not children`s morning performance, and on a broader scale Siberia - not Venice.

- next year we will cut off something better, - Larissa Tcherkashin, - the assistant to a municipal government on culture has promised to me. - Perhaps a kerchief or a tape. We have revived tradition, we and transform it!

From its part I recommend to give more attention to carnival masks. They helped debtors to escape for the period of a feast from creditors that those did not spoil mood.

Imagination of fire have looked more than 80 000 tjumentsev

On Friday evening at area Zarechnyh of microdistricts of Tyumen became epicentre of explosion of V multi-region festival of fireworks.

Thirsting fiery shows with firmness made the way through stoppers in streets of the Kharkov, 50 years of October, Trade-union. The chaos of cars was so thorough that passengers could without hurrying up to reach the nearest shop behind drinks and to return back to salon, on the way remembering terrible jams in Moscow.

To the feast beginning - in 22. 30 - in Zareke the apple had no place to fall. The area at small river people have filled, local court yard - cars. But reached festival new test - a concert waited. 30000 persons who have gathered on the Bridge enamoured and in the Country garden, also were in expectation of a miracle. By the way, to see hour show, it was necessary to look at an one and a half hour concert before it.

- Mum, you have mixed nothing? - The son has once again uttered. Hours showed the half-twelfth. - probably, all salutes have already shot.

Expectation the highlight of the program - fireworks, reaches the apogee. By private tradition with the beginning, of course, tighten. People start to exchange words indignantly, continually glancing at hours. But here the leader invites to a scene of the chairman of a municipal duma of Sergey Mihajlovicha Medvedev that there is a good sign - for the sake of what all here have gathered will soon begin. The pleased spectators roughly applaud, and from phrases of the leader public is reached only by separate words.

Having heard only a part told, the girl, one of those whom the national rumour names blondes with astonishment approximates eyes and loudly says: And what, Medvedev has arrived?! . In all its shape surprise and some pride is clearly read that Tyumen was visited by the president of the Russian Federation. However, to disabuse her became nobody.

But has most of all carried to local residents, whose windows go out of doors Shcherbakova. They easy expected volleys in front of the TV.

At last, at midnight the most important thing - for the sake of what has begun, actually, all and have gathered. Performances were bright and colourful, spectators met each volley the general triumph.

the Small colour point which is flying up in the sky, scatters on thousand colour splinters. People delightfully exhale, looking at a kaleidoscope of paints developed in the vesper sky. A show actually beautiful and scale. In crowd voices are audible: You it saw? here it was now healthy! and simply lingering and - and - and - ah . At any moment when the next asterisk has blown up a silvery rain, the guy of years of twenty not less delightfully says, to anybody, obviously, without being converted: And speak: crisis

Bewitched people stand a show which you will not see every day, ashore, having directed sights upwards. They, apparently, do not notice anything around. Nothing the company from 8 persons, settled down directly on a grass among other spectators notices also. But them fireworks interest not.

Girls and young men, having taken seat a circle, having placed on the earth before itself simple appetizers and beer bottles so are keen on conversation that at all do not pay attention to an event. They laugh, swing hands and interrupt each other as if simply left on walk and the sky over their heads do not light up multi-coloured flashes. Quite probably that they and after representation has ended sat: happy hours do not observe.

Most of all townspeople waited for performance of our, Tyumen command. And fellow countrymen have not pumped up: huge fireworks were harmoniously combined with fiery representation on the earth.

the Tyumen " command; Fireworks - the centre has won a prize For   the best is musical - artistic realisation . Ekaterinburg Shop of special effects - For   the best piro - a musical composition . Pirokom from Cherkessk it is awarded For   the best workmanship Piro - the centre from Tomsk - For   creation of an original image . CHeljabintsy took a prize For   creative display of idea and cheboksartsy - For   creative pressing forward .

the Feast filled with universal delight, has ended about o`clock in the morning.

And next day walked moremany

on July, 26th tjumentsy have nicely celebrated Day Military - marine sea fleet.

After solemn construction of participants of a celebration have assigned flowers at stely Eternal fire. By tradition have started up a wreath in honour of the seamen who were lost in all wars.

Have continued a feast on the river Tour which plays every year a role of ocean boundless open spaces. In microdistricts Zarechnyh have already got used to noisy fun of seamen. Here and now stripped vests have not pumped up. To delight of local children, seamen have dashing swept on footpaths of a zone of rest on an armored troop-carrier, and have then gone to bathe.

- Henceforth call me Ihtiandrom, - one of bathers has declared and has disappeared under water.

- we Meet at the bridge on Melnikajte, - rushing from running start in water, has cried out another.

the Current has slowly incurred it to meeting place. Hour through one and a half it will be at the bridge.
in the meantime on the central streets drove cars with flags morflota and trikolorami, sticking out of windows.

By the way, some moremany with a totality of sea attributes have gone on Monday for work, thus for day having prolonged celebratory mood.

By the way

In holidays the criminality has sharply fallen

Despite universal fun, the quantity of transgressions for all celebratory days off has decreased in times in comparison with usual days. It has not been made any grave crime.

- Introduction of restriction on sale of alcoholic drinks has played an important role, - has joyfully noted Kirillov`s Anna, the deputy chief a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. - besides all actions have been very competently organised - last performances have ended about seven o`clock in the evening, therefore the people have dispersed before.

Besides, on watch for three days it has been deduced more than 2100 police officers.

- It is necessary to give due and tjumentsam, - Kirillov`s Anna speaks. - Townspeople have gone out of doors to participate in the cultural program, instead of to drink from idleness. Drunk was very little, so to say, one of thousand. Our call centre, it is possible to tell, had a rest.


In City Day commemorating has participated about 101 thousand tjumentsev and city visitors. The carnival column from almost two thousand persons has passed a way in length about three kilometres.

as the Best carnival suit this year recognised dresses of a family of Shabanovyh - they have changed clothes in pirates. The second place was received by dance theatre the Fox for a composition the Venetian carnival . The third place have divided Nikolay and Veronica Chijanovy for suits of the clown and the bee.

competition on the best sound registration of a platform during procession was defeated by the company the Megaphone . Superiority in a nomination for cleanliness of a carnival genre is awarded to theatre the Mimicry . The company Image Has built the best design. Gran - at the company " has received; Russia - Inter .

and in competition of carriages by the first there were families of Kushmanovyh and Bobrovyh which have constructed for the children whole teremok. To them have handed over the certificate on 30 thousand roubles.
all for the organisation of various actions it has been spent 5 million roubles.