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“ Wings “ spent whistle

Saturday. Stadium “ the Metallurgist “. A match “ Krylja Sovetov “ - “ Saturn “. Till the end of the basic time four minutes.   “ wings “ lose 0:1 and try to even up scores so, as if standing at football players pudovye weights. Kirichenko floutingly easily escapes from samartsev, leaves in private with Lobosom and billiard blow sends a ball to the gate corner, putting a fat end - 0:2. An instant - and “ the Metallurgist “ blows up as a butt with gunpowder. The Samara fans in a uniform impulse jump from the places and reach for an exit though the match yet has not ended. Fans not in forces to constrain emotions.

- Stydoba! - rushes from tribunes. - at half of command of an eye do not burn. “ wings “ return our money!

WILL suffice to PLAY “ GOOD NIGHT “!

And after all before   Match at samartsev the mood was opposite. The fans excited with self-denying game of the favourites in matches against “ the Ruby “ and “ Spartaka “ despite the day off and a heat, went on stadium and victory waited only.

  - four matches we can not Already win! - they argued. - how much still to wait?

it is more convenient than the Rival “ Saturn “ for “ Wings “ it was difficult to think up. For all history of opposition with “ aliens “ samartsy lost on the home field only   once. However, after change of the head coach “ Saturn “ has caught the game, and a match for volzhan easy walk did not foretell.

the Samara fans have met ramenchan hospitably. After all for “ aliens “ four nowadays act eks - the player “ Wings “. When the announcer on stadium declared Andrey Karjaki, Benua Angbvy`s names, Marko Topicha and Peter Nemova, fans have responded a thunder of an applause. And here organizers of a match have prepared for samartsev an unpleasant surprise. For the first time for many long years on “ the Metallurgist “ was not bright predmatchevogo show with fireworks. On fatal coincidence and fans have been adjusted rather aggressively. “ clean the dirty hands from our club “ - they have hung out a banner with an unambiguous inscription. However, fans were ready to forgive all both to a management, and football players, if “ Wings “ have defeated, having shown beautiful football.

Alas, game at Leonid Slutsky`s wards turned out only fragments. In the match beginning it seemed that “ Wings “ will easily put “ aliens “ a couple of goals. Samartsy fast wide attacks have pressed “ Saturn “ to collars. But on the centre was not to make the way, Oleg Ivans, and " has dangerously shot only; Wings “ have included the checked up weapon - canopies on Yana Kollera. Giving Each time samartsev looked as a bomb which here - here it is jerked, but the Czech giant did not reach a ball, and game was entered by Kinski. More close to the middle of the first time “ Saturn “ has accustomed on a foreign field and even has opened the bill in a match. However, the arbitrator has not included a goal, having seen at Ivanov ofsajd. This episode it has appeared enough for a long time to cool a heat “ Wings “.

  - you that, in “ Good night, kids “ play? - Fans on tribunes have not sustained, looking at slow movement of players. - will suffice, it is time to run!


Last minutes a match Yana Kolleru (on the right) were gave with great difficulty. Look a photo gallery > > >  
the Photo: Igor of POTS

the Second time by the developed tradition became for “ Wings “ and than that is worse. Leonid Slutsky`s wards have lowered rate, thus without having changed drawing of game to a jot. Have lost danger and canopies on Kollera. The ball flied anywhere, only not on a head to the Czech giant. And here visitors have used the chance wholly. Dangerous penal near gate “ Wings “ has turned back for samartsev the present nightmare. After Loskov`s canopy the debutant of Premieres - leagues Vasiev has jumped out above all and a head has driven a ball in gate. “ wings “ have become despondent. Has tried to stir up the command of Jan Koller. The Czech forward, being in the penal area of visitors so it was strongly put on a ball that, appear, a goal not to pass. But on a football way there was a hand of goalkeeper Kinski which in a beautiful throw has rescued “ Saturn “. But it is everything, on what were honoured “ Wings “ in the second time. No, the Samara football players tried to rescue a ball. But after leaving from Oleg Ivanov`s field game in attack at “ Wings “ has got bad. Football players inertly moved across the field, against a heat tired Jan Koller has dropped out of struggle. And here also Kirichenko`s goal which has definitively spoilt mood to the Samara fans.

- Again we see monotonous game! - with a pain in a voice the fan " ascertained; Wings “. - Canopies on Kollera in what do not result. And like football players would run, but it turns out nothing.   and all because is not present command game. Here and result.


Leonid SLUTSKY: “ Fans always hoot, when the command loses! “

the Head coach “ Wings “ after a match with “ Saturn “ looked gloomy. The trainer samartsev named the defeat reason unimportant skill of players.

- In some moments it was necessary to make faster decisions, - has noticed Slutsky. - the goalkeeper " has well played; Saturn “ Kinski which gained the command in those episodes when the ball had to disappear. In a word, if you do not hammer, to win a match it is impossible.

- In your opinion with what what spectators whistled is connected?

- All is very simple. When the command wins - spectators clap, when loses - whistle.

- Bezvyigryshnaja a series lasts already five matches. Do not see in it system?

- Any system I in it do not see. Each match - separate history. What lasts? During five matches we cannot win. But what, all games identical?