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Who infects kishinevtsev with a malaria?

  in 2009 it has not been registered cases of disease by a cholera, a botulism, a meningitis and other rare infectious diseases.
a serious problem for Kishinev on - former there is an epidemiological situation in the region of disease of a tuberculosis. For the first half of the year it has been registered about 300 new cases of a pulmonary tuberculosis.
as to a malaria then physicians sound alarm.
- illness is delivered to Moldova by people who come back from earnings or rest from the countries where a malaria - not a rarity, - the chief of the municipal Center of preventive medicine Yury Pynzaru has informed.
- With increase in cases of the imported disease the epidemiological risk, especially in a hot season grows also.
Only in 2009 in capital it has been registered over two tens cases of disease by this illness whereas for the same period of last year it has been revealed only four cases. In total in the country from the beginning of this year it is registered about 40 cases of a malaria.
  for last 3 years in Moldova 114 cases of the delivered malaria, from them 67 - in capital are registered.