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Leah can change Russian court a sentence?

has been denounced, served time for theft in Greece. Has now returned to Russia. Because circumstances of my business have changed, I want to be converted into court for sentence revision. A leah can make our court any changes to this sentence?
Russian court help you cannot, as cancellation or change of a sentence of court of the foreign state according to article 13 of the Berlin convention from 19. 05. 1978 can be carried out only court of that state in which the sentence is pronounced.
Under what article to involve the neigbour for the reviling?
At our entrance declared general meeting of tenants, all have gathered. But, probably, so our people are arranged that the world about what cannot agree, they should squabble with each other. More shortly, doobsuzhdalis before that one neigbour towards another has made indecent gesture, and then also has spat. Offended at all has declared that will involve spitted under article for the reviling. But that has responded that it will turn out nothing: I in thy address did not tell Any obscene words! And all can confirm it... now we at an entrance guess, a leah is in UK such article to involve...
With. A
I Believe that at the reference to the world judge in a residence with the statement for excitation of business of private charge under item 130 of the criminal code of Russian Federation the offended lady has good chances to punish the offender. After all the reviling is a humiliation of honour and worthiness of other person, expressed in the indecent form. The side between decency and impropriety spends court, proceeding from norms of morals, instead of from perceptions offended (some persons owing to the raised self-conceit in the address are ready to take offence at any critical statements).
By the way, the reviling can be expressed not only words, but also actions: a slap in the face, headdress or clothes breaking, a spittle in the person, harlot gestures and so on. The last - gestures and spittles of the offender - just your case.
When presence understood necessarily?
you Could list all cases when presence understood on a consequence on criminal case is obligatory?
Article 170 UPK the Russian Federation provides obligatory participation of the following investigatory actions understood by manufacture:
survey of a corpse and its exhumation;
investigatory experiment;
a search;
survey, dredging and copying from arrested persons pochtovo - cable departures;
survey and listening of a soundtrack of control and record of telephone and other negotiations;
a presentation for an identification;
check of indications on a place.
In all other cases presence of the investigatory actions understood by manufacture is defined, proceeding from the petition of the parties or own initiative of the inspector on the basis of the corresponding decision taken out by it.
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