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Are written down on reception? Pass in a trolley bus

This time a creative the transport and communication Department has caused a stir. The department management has decided suit a public reception of century. A trolley bus.
- on August, 1st in a trolley bus which goes on the Garden ring, the head of department Vasily Kichedzhi will answer any questions of Muscovites on transport work in capital, - has dumbfounded a press - the secretary of Department of transport and communication Elena Krylov.
the Official will travel about on Garden with 11. 30 to 13. 00. That townspeople who knows have not stuck with inquiries to the casual fellow traveller, over an armchair of Kichedzhi will attach the tablet with instructions of its post and a name. The same signboard will decorate also a cabin of a trolley bus. By the way, heads presence will not affect the price of journey in any way. It remains former.
it is possible to send Questions in advance in adoptive Kichedzhi on the electronic address: vopros@dtis. ru. Have not sent a question - do not worry. Will forbid to enter to nobody simply into a trolley bus and to talk to the high heads personally.
By the way, in department already think over the following mobile reception. Say that it would be quite good to arrange it in the underground. But what for? Hardly probable Muscovites would mind, if the official accepted visitors in the old manner, at itself in an office. If only really problems solved...