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The Hollywood star has got into psychiatric clinic

23 - summer Hollywood actress Misha Barton is placed under compulsory psychiatric control. The day before the police has taken away the girl from its apartment: Misha itself it was converted behind the help, feeling badly.

the actress have taken away in elite los - andzhelesskuju clinic “Sedar Sinajz” where in 2008 with a nervous breakdown Britney Spears has been delivered. As informs Daily Mail, police department Los - Andzhelesa was placed by Mishu Barton in psychiatric branch under a code 5150 - the same as and in due time Britney Spears. This code means that 72 hours can keep in clinic against its will under compulsory psychiatric control the patient.

Recently, according to its relatives, the actress behaved very strange. A photo: Daily Mail

Associates were surprised, how strongly Misha has changed outwardly: this photo is made in London last month. A photo: Daily Mail
Populjarnost Mishe Barton has brought its role in a serial “the Island With. Lonely hearts”, then has followed more ten Hollywood films (“Territory of virgins”, “Returning home”, “Schoolmates“ and etc.) . In Russia it remember under the sensational project “You and I”: in this picture she acted in film together with group “าเ๒๓“, specially having arrived for this purpose to Russia. But most of all Misha has become famous thanks to society column: she is invited constantly to parties, by presentations of expensive hotels, restaurants, and glantsevye magazines unanimously declared it “a style icon”.

For the first time the nervous breakdown with Mishej has happened in 2007. Then paparazzi have photographed it in the car tightened kosjachkom. And soon on a party at the girlfriend she has started to behave neadkvatno. Then the actress has got to clinic for the first time. Then Mishu have arrested for car driving in a state of intoxication and in a status of narcotic intoxication. The actress have placed in rehabilitation clinic, and the court has sentenced it to three years conditionally.

In 2007 of paparazzi have removed, as the star smokes kosjachok in the car. A photo: Radaronline. com

last months Misha looked is extremely unhealthy: she that sharply grew thin to practical skeletoobraznogo statuses (such it was in the winter of this year) strongly recovered - as now. As one of friends of the actress, “at it many personal problems has told. And I am not assured that it could get rid of bad habits, from - for which at it was having razed couple of years back”. And the family of the girl has confirmed that the last some weeks she behaved very strange, and they strongly worried from - for it.