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- A leah truth, what in Sweden loonies will put now in prison?

Yury Lolev,

Truth. The present legislation does not allow to direct to prison to serve time the criminals, suffering affliction serious mental deviations.

the Swedish government intends to eliminate this interdiction.

Now insane persons criminals wind terms in the closed psychiatric clinics. In the future as it is planned, courts begin to show more flexibility at the question decision: a leah to direct mentally sick criminal to clinic or in prison? Weight of the committed crime, requirement of the prisoner for constant medical leaving, and also every possible concomitant circumstances will be considered thus. For example, a leah was denounced at the moment of commission of crime in a status of narcotic intoxication or under the influence of a time psychosis.

the Government of Sweden in the beginning of this year has submitted the given plan for consideration in the Judicial council possessing the right of the legislative initiative. It is supposed that respective alterations in the legislation will appear already in the middle of this year, that is, in the near future.

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