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Bicyclists go in pampers

And eat, as cosmonauts

you at all do not represent that professionals can do on a bicycle! Rushing on highway, they drink, eat, undress - put on, talk with each other, celebrate need and even make progress in road to slap on a bottom the nice fan. And still they spin smart intrigues, earn decent money and fall, being traumatised. I have decided to try to make though something and have stopped on a variant with the fan. All - taki pleasant with useful. But, hardly having extended a hand, I have lost balance, have fallen and have stopped on a variant with a trauma. Sufficient that with big regret to refuse from 100 - kilometre race, but quite tolerant to drive pair of circles to the companies of experts on the cycling preparing for the championship of Belarus.

the Bicycle for the pro costs as the good car

That I have not broken the iron horse, to me at once have informed that the good professional bicycle costs as a good second-hand car. About 10 thousand dollars, and even is more expensive. And at the racer of bicycles should be at least three: one for individual race and two for group - the basic and training. Certainly, pros do not buy them, and receive under advertising contracts. And here if the simple fan wants to buy just the same, as from a substitute it should fork up.   manufacturers also count on it, untwisting popular brands.

Given out to me it is great also cost as the supported car. Only Soviet, but for me and it was break. So I went on highway with extremely proud kind.

- And what it at you to a soft place has stuck? - I have paid attention to shorts of the racer going nearby.

All have amicably begun to guffaw.

is a lining from suede that a hole in one place not to wipe, - there was to me an answer. - we this lining pampers name.

At me such was not, so on a seat I tried not to fidget especially. From equipment it was possible to elicit only a helmet. Without it, darling, departure on a line is forbidden. Racers fall more often, and the helmet has saved not one life. And for drivers of cars bicycle racers in helmets are more appreciable. The helmet is made of plastic, with apertures for ventilation and a grid from bugs and midges. Is also a peak which rescues from the sun. It weighs hardly more than 200 grammes so a head to a wheel does not pull. In general - that in shape is more than anything especial is not present: overalls, gloves And when it is cold, racers put on on the move vetrovku which protects from water and a wind. After all in mounts when you rush from descent to catch a cold very easily.

By the way, in overalls I liked pockets on a back. There guys have combined all provisions on 200 - kilometre race. But here that is interesting: at one pockets are filled so as if it not on 200 km goes, and for a week, and at another there almost anything is not present. At everyone the diet.

Racers eat from a tube

- Precisely so, at everyone the approach and to a food, - trainer Alexander IVANS speaks to me. - it is perfected by years on trainings. The sandwich with sausage, certainly, is excluded. With itself take power batonchiki and chocolate, as cosmonauts. Still bananas, ovsjanoe cookies

- Ovsjanoe cookies?

- Well if horses on oats run why we cannot?!

- it is reasonable.

- Happens, take with itself a slice of a boiled chicken fillet. But it on long distances, over 200 km. It is possible to make a roll with a stuffing. You get pulp, and instead of it you put usual jam. It is a primitive way. More modern - a tube with power gel. Very conveniently: has squeezed out, has eaten and it is acquired quickly. Components there the various: sucrose, fructose, vitamins, medical preparations, in general, that gives energy.

- And drink that?

- basically the water diluted with minerals and salts, power drinks. On a bicycle fasten one - two small bottles on 450 grammes. They suffice where - that on 120 km. To fill up stocks it is possible in points of a food or to ask on a portable radio set for trainers.

But one business - to be reserved in road by meal and absolutely another - to have time to eat and not to gape it the rival. So on meal minute or hardly leaves more. And if has seen that the opponent has jerked in a separation rolls and batonchiki fly on a roadside. It is necessary to catch up!

the heaviest - mountain races. Uphill so you puff, what not to meal. And on descent such bends you put that it is necessary to keep two hands for a wheel.

Here other problem emerges: how in a toilet to descend? If you will risk to stop, then you can not catch up. So it is necessary to be wetted on the move. Has lowered a little shorts - and give, do not hesitate. And that you have not lost rate, the partner you at this time in a saddle pushes.

On the way it is necessary to go round cows

Highway race - the present adventure. Happens road to bicyclists blocks flock of cows or helicopter which has urgently sat down on a line. And happened, flew a gale-force wind. Then racers threw the bicycles and hid under escort cars.

Such cars are at each command. They carry everything that can be necessary for the sportsman: a food, water, the form, bicycles, spare details If, God forbid, a wheel puncture mechanics should to run out as meteors and it to replace. At this time the racer shows, it has pierced what wheel: one finger - forward, two - back.

Well and, of course, if medical aid, the doctor here as here is required to the racer. Type headings: Bicycle race has turned to bloody medley - not a rarity. Anybody does not want to concede to anybody. The guy rushes with a speed of 50 km at an o`clock, falls, rivals run into it As a result those who has not got to a blockage, play superiority, those who managed to get out, slowly reach to finish, and the unluckiest send in clinic. One week ago in the championship of Belarus 30 racers have got to a blockage. One of guys had to sew up a chin.

the Most widespread trauma - clavicle crisis. But if traumas are and in other sports, on death rate cycling among leaders. The use of a dope and the hardest loadings completely do not pass. In 2004 at the age of 36 years the winner " has died; Tour de France Italian Marko Pantani, and this year has died it 35 - summer team mate Valentino Fois.  

But for the sake of glory, money and realisation of own ambitions racers risk also the health.



At Byelorussians very good chances of medals. In highway races six persons applying for a trip to Beijing are defined: Vasily Kirienko, Alexander Usov, Konstantin Sivtsov, Alexander Kuchinsky, Andrey Kunitsky, Evgenie Gutarovich. Who from them will start and on what distances, is not defined yet. On a track calculation on the same Kirienko and the titled Natalia Tsilinsky.