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Invalid carriages - for rent

One month ago management of social support of the population of the mayoralty had been opened hire point where wheelchairs are free of charge given to invalids, tonometers, speech synthesizers, protivoprolezhnevye systems, walkers, crutches, canes Daily here call invalids and members of their families. It is concluded more than 20 contracts on which rehabilitation means are passed to certain term in using needing. Special demand - on invalid carriages.

to hire the necessary thing, it is necessary to show the passport, the inquiry on physical inability and a map of the individual program of rehabilitation.

But are converted not only with requests for the help - some townspeople are ready to pass in gratuitous using become not necessary to them carriages, walkers and other useful things (15 units are passed already). The point is ready to accept rehabilitation means from townspeople, after all they still can be of use kind service to other people. Experts will arrive to you on the house and will provide delivery of means in hire point.

Inquiries by phone (383) 279 - 20 - 18

the hire Point is located to the address: Gogol`s street, 233/ 1 (ost. Hostel Northern ).
Business hours - with 8. 30 to 17. 30, except Saturday and Sunday.