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That under a bush not to spend the night, the apartment needs to be removed urgently! A part 2 - I

the Summary of the first part: after six years of residing with relatives I had to search for apartment. The first experience -   searches through familiar - it has appeared unsuccessful. After me tried to settle to the eighty-year-old impotent old woman, I have refused this way sema habitation. At night that has dreamt me   the granny with a pack of newspapers...

we Search for apartment under the newspaper

the Dream - in a hand. Feet too in a hand, are more exact in hands, and forward - directly since morning behind the fresh press. We will notice that in this business of the press of the second freshness, as well as sturgeon at the classic, does not happen. The main thing - efficiency. So to take it it is necessary since morning in day of an exit - chances though something to find increase.

In a news-stand the granny, something similar on dreamt me not taken place kvartirosdatelnitsu, has laid out pieces five different editions.

- Yes in them in all there are announcements You apartment, a leah that, a daughter search? On podselenie you will go? My sister one lives, almost in the centre!

As, again? Well is not present, the nurse I am exact   I will not be! Having jumped aside from sympathising kioskershi and at all without having taken away delivery, I have run with extraction home. Ulov I was rich and various: two tolstennye newspapers with announcements practically for all occasions from the purchase of a blue persian kitten to I sell ancient coins the specialised edition about rent with the speaking name like Apartments for all and a couple small, with albomnyj sheet, information magazines.

- Hallo, this agency of rent? The apartment is urgently necessary to me!.
a photo: Anna Smyslova

I Open most impressive . That is and - ak Rent of apartments: supply and demand. To me - that that is necessary? For certain a heading 2. We begin obzvon. Running forward, I will tell that near to phone it is better to put at once a teapot and a vase with cookies - it is necessary to sit long, hour three

I dial the first number signed under the laconic announcement I hand over habitation .

- Hallo, hello. I want to rent apartment.

- And you count on what sum?

And I actually also do not know Hm, on what. So directly also I respond:

- On reasonable. And at you, what, is a lot of apartments under I will eat is?

- Certainly, you are better defined at first with the sum, and then call!

release Hooters have informed me on the conversation termination. It doesn`t matter, at me how much still everyones!

Alas, neither the second, nor the third, the twentieth call has not brought to me desirable result. Announcements or appeared already delayed (someone too searching, all time advanced me, or texts simply passed from number in number), or at all private as it has been declared on all first pages of the bought newspapers. I will tell at once: hopes of getting directly to owners of apartment, it is a little. If otmesti all I hand over 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - room apartments - and it is announcements of agencies of rent remains practically nothing. Half of these variants - already handed over apartments. Second half represents most vyzhimki the market hired real estate: I got on malosemejki appearing rooms in communal flats (cockroaches - in a gift!) Office premises and even hostels.

We go to agency

Pomuchivshis of half-day, I have surrendered.

- Hallo, this agency of rent? The apartment, - almost prorydala I in a tube is urgently necessary to me.

- Come! We will help you.

the Imagination drew pictures of unearthly pleasure and strange service. Here I come to light, spacious office with fresh European-quality repair. Here moderately the charming brunette brings to me an album with photos of free apartments. Here I point a finger in pleasant, and the brunette there and then calls by phone and joyfully notifies owners: I have found to you tenants!

Not here - that was. The office was. More precisely not office odnushka in an apartment house. With old wall-paper in burnt out floret, forgive for an unsuccessful metaphor. The charming brunette too was not. There were two maidens of an imperceptible exterior. Both ruminated and obviously did not want to distract from this entertaining process.

- E I would like to rent apartment

One of maidens at last has turned a head in my party and gesture has invited me to sit down on a ragged chair.

- At first we need to conclude the contract on service. We render only information services. Also we do not bear responsibility for your relations with owners, - the young lady obviously said the learnt text.

- Well, let`s conclude Where to sign?

Having thrown on me a baleful look, the Julian - so it has been written on bejdzhike - has got whence - that of depth of a table the contract and has told with diabolical hitretsoj:

- Here sign

Short conclusions of the second part:

we Search for apartment   under the newspaper


- Expenses on I will eat apartments almost any (thirty roubles on purchase of newspapers).

- the Wide choice of variants - for all tastes and a purse.


- Many announcements give agencies of rent of habitation. It is necessary to pay in addition for the conclusion of the contract and granting of the concrete information on apartment and for contacts of the owner.

- stationary phone for obzvona Is necessary.

- the hit Percent on the necessary variant is low enough.

Continuation follows .