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Electronic travel as chance of victory

to Pay off in transport by means of an electronic map - for novosibirtsa business already habitual. For each category of passengers - the variant: a uniform transport map, social, a map of the student, the schoolboy.

Just schoolboys who use a transport map, became participants of the unusual competition declared by the mayoralty of Novosibirsk. Users of maps of the schoolboy could present the creative works in one of two nominations: the best written work (verses, the composition, the motto) and the best drawing or a hand-made article.

competition passed from April, 28th till June, 15th, and rewarding of winners has taken place in the City Day.

- Before the competitive commission there was an uneasy problem - from set of remarkable works to choose the best and to name prize-winners in three age categories: Among pupils 1 - 4, 5 - 7 and 8 - 11 - h classes, - has noted, awarding talented children, the first deputy of the mayor Vladimir SHUMILOV. - and certainly to choose the main winner who receives as a gift today the laptop. The first place in competition Travel with a map of the schoolboy the schoolgirl 10 - go a grammar school class has occupied 14 Anastass Velgusheva!

soft toys, MP3 - players and other memorable prizes have been handed over Other nominees.

And At this time

Who became the best carrier?

In the City Day constant partners of the project " have been awarded also; the Electronic travel card - the companies which are carrying out passenger transportations in Novosibirsk.

the Best commercial carrier recognises a group of companies PATP (director Nikolay Samoilov). Among municipal the branch 1 MKP " became the best; Gorelektrotransport (Director Oleg Shilmejster). Winners have awarded with laptops.