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Mum, I do not want to be ill more

Illness was showed at small Emilja suddenly. There was a sunny day - on January, 2nd. Everywhere celebratory mood, laughter, garlands and gifts. And Emil has woken up with an intolerable pain in left to a side. Mum has planted on a pot - blood has gone clots.

in hospital have there and then diagnosed - a kidney cancer. Body Emilchiku have removed together with a tumour.

- I was all on nerves, - remembers Zilja Jangirova, mum Emilja. - While ran on hospital corridors, there was one more misfortune - have lost a package with all documents: the passport, the policy, the birth certificate

Then doctors have not refused to them treatment. Have performed operation, have appointed chemotherapy.

but then bureaucratic problems nevertheless have begun - physical inability to the child is not issued till now. To submit documents on survey, it was necessary to wait, while will restore the passport without which have flatly refused to give out the birth certificate.

Life has turned to a nightmare. Emil has strongly grown thin. Hair and eyelashes have dropped out. From chemistry the child all time toshnilo.

- Mum, I do not want to be ill more, - eyes 4 - the summer kid expressed absolutely not children`s grief

Near to son Zilja tried to smile - doctors so ordered. And sometimes escaped where - nibud where nobody sees, and there already sobbed in plenty.

the Red tape with papers on this background looked the present theatre of absurdity. But Zilja has consulted, it has overcome all. Now documents are collected, the commission on physical inability will pass already today, but it is necessary to live on something until will start to give the grant.

Zilja and Emil live with the grandmother, the grandfather and 16 - summer Irina - daughter Zili from first marriage. The pension at old men small - to live. And here still Irishka all time asks that new shoes, money for a disco.

to illness of Emilja Zilja worked as the realtor - money in the house was always. And now while work should be left - the child is too weak, the permanent care of mother is necessary to it.

- I will not be this tea, give me another! - the kid complains. Cups and saucers have departed every which way. Well who will sit with such kaprizulej? And to scold it it is impossible - to the boy now and so hard.

- and give to small fishes in an aquarium too we will give to tea? - Tries to distract child Zilja. Emil with amazement opens eyes. Tears have there and then dried up, and the kid has begun to drip with enthusiasm in water from a teaspoon.

- now the positive is necessary to it only, - the woman whispers. - cancer cages in an organism still are, and that their medicines have killed up to the end, the pleasure and love are necessary. Besides, I of anything cannot give it Here all time asks for Victory Park. And we even on a trolley bus do not have money, walk in a court yard.

in the City Day of Zilja again has secretly cried at ease - very much it was insulting that other children have everything, and she to the even cannot buy the machine or a ball in honour of a feast.

- The Child I feed with one potato, any more I do not remember, how much he at me did not see some natural juice, - Zilja sighs. - Not to mention sweets this woman does not think for a long time Of itself, though 40 years of everything, the blossoming of life. Like it is purely dressed, and that is good. In eyes - weariness and loneliness, on temples - a grey hair.

- in the autumn, Alla birsa, again I will start to work, and the grant already will be, - tells Zilja. - For now we hope that somebody to all of us - taki will help. After all there are no absolutely desperate situations, truth?

dear readers! If to you the destiny of Emilja and his mother is not indifferent, be converted into edition: street Parhomenko, 156/ 3, 6 floor, kab. 611. Ph. (347) 292 - 44 - 47. Phone Zili, mums of the boy (347 267 - 74 - 01.

and At this time...

We have helped Daniru!

But to fix result of treatment, medicines

6 are necessary for it - summer Danir Galljamov struggles the second year with a serious illness - the remote cancer tumour has started up metastasises in a marrow. It seemed that all - not to get out. Well as for the salary of the father - the agriculturist it is possible to pay operation for change? But we - that with you know that the world not without kind people. Operation to the boy have made free of charge in the Moscow clinic (for the bill of a quota of Ministry of Health RB). The donor it became for itself(himself) - its deckman cages have cleared and have replaced to it. To pay road and residing many people - and you have helped including. Readers have brought in edition 36000 roubles. To welfare fund Our children it was possible to collect for Danira the rather big sum - 53750 roubles. Thanks you, expensive readers. You have helped to rescue this child: recent analyses have shown - cancer cages it is not revealed!

The Kid has transferred the hardest course vysokodoznoj chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplantation, the whole month has spent in sterile boxing. Now he has come back home, but treatment is not finished.

to fix result and not to admit returning of illness, Daniru need to accept a preparation Roakkutan which is not included, unfortunately, into the list free of charge given. Besides, from - for chemistry at it bones are weakened, all calcium was washed up. The child needs to accept Miokaltsik for osteoporosis preventive maintenance, and also Defljukan - for prevention of fungoid infections.

to continue treatment, it is necessary about 75 thousand roubles. The sum not so is great, considering that life of the small person depends on this money.

how to help this child?

Welfare fund Our children renews fund raising for Danira. Requisites for non-cash transfers:

the Addressee: NBF Our Children an INN 0278134021, a check point 027801001 r/ with 40703810700001000107 in Branch My Bank. A mortgage (Open Society) in Ufa to/ with 30101810100000000904, BIK 048071904

In the column the Payment function necessarily specify: Charitable offering for Galljamova Danira .

Can be converted also into edition or to the deputy director of welfare fund Our children Gulnare Alievoj. Its phone 8 - 901 - 44 - 03 - 125.