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In the sky over Mamayev a barrow have let out two thousand pigeons

Yesterday, in day of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, on Mamaevom a barrow in memory of victims under Stalingradom in the sky have let out two thousand pigeons. To take a look at improbably beautiful show crowds of inhabitants of Volgograd have gathered. And how much children were! All wanted to look, as clouds of pigeons cloud the sky and are carried away afar.

- in life such it is possible to see Time! - rejoiced come, standing on Mamayev`s steps with the thrown back heads.

From the let out pigeons 500 are grown up by local factory owners. And 1500 more birds have brought from the cities located on all extent of road from the Barrow to Volgograd.

Feathery delivered from all Russia and have distributed to townspeople.
a photo: Alain KUZMIN

- to take them to you, we had to involve a cargo waggon, the bus and the automobile car, - has told Nikolay Haljavin from the Barrow, the music-master in college. - into a waggon have loaded 100 cages, in everyone on 15 birdies.

Were here and pigeons - peacocks, both Uzbek dvuhchubye, and the Baku persians, and usual carrier pigeons.

the ring is attached To a pad of each pigeon - pochtovika with number to register it on finish.

- that are trained to fly on the big distance, already in couple of days will be at home. And decorative remain to live at Volgograd golubjatnikov.

By the way, on the average pigeons fly by for day of 500 kilometres, and without a stop. So from Volgograd to the Barrow they can overcome 2700 kilometres for 5 - 6 days. The ring is attached to a pad of each pigeon - pochtovika with number to register it on finish. After all their flight from Mamayev of a barrow back, in native land, not simply celebratory action, but also a marathon - whose wings the fastest.

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