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the Fire in Magnitogorsk!

on a plan of the author suits of colour of ashes and ashes, black, as soot, dresses, fljuorestsentno - green vests and shorts   symbolose fire and the ashes. ognebortsev Chernitsov has apparelled in is white - rozovo - blue scale. Models paced on a podium in mysterious bright masks from the plastic, simultaneously similar and on fragments of fire equipment, and on cock crests. However, besides shocking in a collection of Chernitsova the Fire there were many quite convenient things: blouses from a jabot, sports trousers and olimpijki with fire symbolics, dresses with unprofitable pockets and elegantly reserved man`s suits.

That at us the fashionable designer does?

Chernitsov any more the first year comes with the collections to Magnitogorsk on traditional festival of a fashion. And at all because it does not have not enough Moscow podiums. In - the first, Maxim comes from Magnitogorsk, and in - the second, - the founder of this festival.

the Collection the Fire opened a small dress from the black atlas.

is a dress at us Xenia Borodina has already bought, and short striped sundresses have got little girls from group Factory - on a display course made comments for couturier Chernitsov.

Models of stamp Max Chernitsov prefer many celebrities. For example, Agnija Ditkovskite for secular action   Mai Fashion 100 most beautiful people of Moscow has reserved in Maxim a cherry dress in a floor from thin jersey.

- It in it was irresistible and has got on covers of fashionable magazines! - with pride Max Chernitsov speaks.

And over Ekaterina Volkovoj`s dress it was necessary to the fashionable designer popotet. The matter is that the actress waits for the third child and consequently the dress should be cut on especial curves.

How much are its things?

For a season spring/ summer - 2009 Max Chernitsov prepares a collection of underwear with drawing from   talismans of the Peking Olympic Games.

By the way, many fellow countrymen of the known couturier have wanted to get clothes of stamp Max Chernitsov directly at a podium. The price of fashionable things is many times cheaper than world stamps: vests and T-shirts 3 - 3,5 thousand roubles, jumpsuits and jackets - from 15 to 20 thousand the roubles, the most expensive suits and dresses from 35 to 40 thousand roubles. However the designer was unshakable. the collection has already appeared in shops of Moscow, and samples are not on sale! - Max cut off.

the FILE

Max Chernitsov.

Maxim Chernitsov

Was born in Magnitogorsk. By training the philologist. Has become famous, having joked of known brands - Heaps from Gucci Vivienne Fastfood Komsomol PRADA . Enters into the five of fashionable Russian fashion designers. The unique Russian designer, whose things are on sale in boutiques capital TSUMa in the same row with Dolce and Gabbana Makkuin .

the Favourite of capital bohemia Max Chernitsov has arrived to Magnitogorsk on festival the High water .

the Favourite of capital bohemia Max Chernitsov has arrived to Magnitogorsk on festival the High water .

the Favourite of capital bohemia Max Chernitsov has arrived to Magnitogorsk on festival the High water .

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