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Expensive readers, take the Saffron milk cap!

we will help the Saffron milk cap! Please, let among you there will be an owner for   nice, but while unlucky dog!

the Dog small, red colour, age about 5 months.

Be converted into edition on bodies (384 - 2) 52 - 53 - 23; 52 - 54 - 23

the Saffron milk cap looks forward!

Short history

Fights from - for a doggie were played in the house 38 under the prospectus October. In this building the set of shops, offices is located, and sideways there is an entrance to underground garage. And though the building is built up not so long ago, in the house base, between a bulk lawn and a wall the crack was formed. About four months ago there have thrown a tiny puppy. Its plaintive peep was heard by workers of garage and have decided the kid to leave. Poured a milk in a bowl, brought from the house the soup rests. And recently instead of the touching dog eyes looking from a crevice - a deaf brick wall. Eyewitnesses have told that the input in a cellar was immured by employees of co-operative society ZHilishchnik from the ground floor.

has gone to the place of event. At office to us have confirmed that they immured a manhole.

- posudite: a heat, we open windows. And it spoils a lawn, we choke with a smell! At our employee an asthma by the way!