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The Satanist from Altai has arranged immolation in Belgorod

to Konstantin Walter - to the inhabitant of district Volchiha in Altay territory - only 21 year. At school studied well, was widely-read. Unified State Examination has handed over on 93 points. But for receipt in university of it has not sufficed. Couple of years was fond of the Internet back. In a virtual network also has met Satanists. Especially close relations were fastened with the contemporary from Belgorod - Denis Artyomov.

Denis studied psychology and parapsychology, hypnosis and nejro - linguistic programming. The occultism was the main hobby. The charismatic young man used attention of girls and authority at children so in Denis`s environment already there was a command of adherents of black magic.

Walter also has wished to adjoin this company. Has resolved to go   to Belgorod. As the Internet - a companion even has sent a few money for road: one and a half thousand roubles. Having met, two young Satanists have decided to note on April, 30th. It is considered, what exactly this day are flied on shabash witches. Guys have agreed that the day before will make ritual immolation.

- Artem has told that its chief who has run into debt the salary becomes a victim, - shares results of interrogations a press - the secretary of the Belgorod regional Office of Public Prosecutor Olga MOISEJKINA. - Conspirators have thought up how to entice the man on the demountable apartment intended for sacramental.

Walter has called the planned victim and has told that wants to reserve furniture for the kitchen (about what not suspecting belgorodets was engaged in manufacturing of tables, stools and mezzanines). Has called the master to measure walls in a room. That has willingly accepted the order. Has However, broken cult plans of conspirators, having refused to arrive on the eve of shabasha. Has told that can appear only on May, 1st.

In Day of its work on a threshold Walter (Artem has decided not to come across on eyes to the former chief - not to frighten off) has met. When the visitor has turned to a wall and has started to boss a ruler, the beginning Satanist has brought a knife. And after a minute unfortunate with a deep cut on a neck siganul in a window. All - taki to jump from the second floor not so it is terrible how to become a victim of diabolical sacramental.

Here the businessman has jumped out of this window, as has saved to it life
the Photo: Olga Sbitneva

Admirers of a Satan have caught next day. Denis Artyomov examination recognised as deranged. Compulsory treatment in clinic for sincerely sick is necessary to it. The court has sentenced Walter to seven years of prison.

- Both that and another have appeared do not agree with a judgement, -   Olga Petrovna has informed, have submitted the appeal.

Yesterday, on July, 2nd, repeated session has taken place, and the sentence remained former.