Rus News Journal

And than to you the final was remembered?

Alexander Brjuzgin, the engineer:

- School has finished 16 years ago. After a graduation party we all night long walked with a class on a city and together met a dawn. It at us such tradition was. It was very disturbing and is romantic! I then have embraced for the first time the girl who at school was pleasant to me. Has used that became cool in the street at daybreak

Stepan, the builder:

- I at school was the terrible hooligan and consequently teachers with horror waited for a graduation party. Were afraid, as though we that have not done with a couple of the bosom friends Vovka and Igorkom. But as they were surprised, when I have invited to last school waltz himichku which terribly did not love me and have put in me in the certificate trojban.

Nadezhda Vasilevna, the pensioner:

- Me it is remembered, how we then still very young little girls, sewed on final white dresses. In shop before was nothing. It today graduates are praised at whom a dress more expensively, and we the most beautiful had that which is the best to sew was able!

Ivan Savchenko, the sales representative:

- I Remember, how little girls have bought to themselves dresses wedding and a shoe on hairpins and as have a little drunk - have run up on houses and have returned already in jeans and T-shirts, and in such kind till the morning lighted. It is asked, what for there was such money to spend?

Alexander Nikolaevna, the commercial director:

- I Remember, our strict head mistress has forbidden on final alcohol, and us on an input even examined, as though have not carried by with itself anything hot . And we with little girls merged wine in bottles from - under aerated water, and vodka hid in stockings.

Vera Muraveva, the architect:

- I remember, how we with schoolmates roared unanimously that we leave native school. Teachers at us were simply remarkable and a class the most amicable.

Simeon, the student   KuzGTU:

- And at me in a final lapse of memory has happened. As the certificate handed over for the morning has remembered, and here than the banquet has ended - as cut off.