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In Baltic there should be any very loud, appreciable bankruptcy, the Swedish banker

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That events in economy of the Baltic countries and, in particular, Estonia, have gone under the black scenario - that is have come to the end with so-called rigid landing, - in Baltic there should be any very loud, appreciable bankruptcy, has told   the known Swedish banker, vice-president Svenskahandelsbanken of Bu Krag in interview   to the Estonian newspaper Capital .

In this case, considers Krag, will develop such   a psychological situation at which will not play any role that the prime minister - the minister, the president, the Minister of Finance or the president of bank of Estonia as all bank sector on which the destiny of Estonian economy in many respects depends, will run in   speaks; the extremely unprofitable for Estonia   a direction.

Probably, year through ones and a half - two you with simplification ascertain soft landing. But other, unpleasant scenario " is possible also; - warns   the expert.

In its opinion, in advantage soft landing tell two circumstances: in - the first, Estonian economy has already shown that it can be much more flexible, than   it have shown   the western economy. In - the second, the bank sector here belongs   foreign, including to the Swedish banks.

But there is also a number of arguments in favour of a rigid landing. It is impossible to lose sight that problems in Estonia have coincided on time with problems in the West that the situation in the United States became still much worse. It is undermined   trust between financial institutions: the international banks which know each other, say, 60 years, any more do not finance each other without pledge. The policy spent by banks, is not simply careful - it sverhostorozhna confirms Krag.

Krag has noticed that a policy of Estonia today more ideologizirovana, than, say, in Latvia or Lithuania. so transit loss - your own merit: it is not necessary to forget that Russia always wants to have one bad the neighbour, and earlier this the neighbour Latvia was bad. You managed to intercept at it a palm - he has told.

Krag has told: Unlike the majority of the countries having three national symbols (the arms, a flag and a hymn), at Estonia is the fourth - a crone fixed rate in relation to euro. Meanwhile, there are situations at which devaluation (or revaluation) can play a positive role .

One more a lack   Estonian economy of Krag considers a subject of progressive surtax.