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Welcome to sanatorium Laba !

And today, at the height of a resort season, and in inter-season period sanatorium Laba it is glad to each visitor. At your service powerful medical base that gives the chance improvements at many diseases. More than 160 kinds of medical services.

Not each fashionable Spa - the hotel can brag of presence of mineral waters, and in sanatorium Laba they move in number to patients.

improvement programs Work:

Free breath - for the patients, lungs suffering affliction by diseases.
a light step - for patients with defeats oporno - the impellent device.
correction of infringement of a metabolism - for sick of a diabetes and thyroid gland diseases.
a backbone - a key to health - a widespread osteochondrosis of a backbone.
Mellow autumn - for patients with climacteric problems.
Ekoochistka an organism - at the clinical diseases called by decrease of immunity, - organism general cleaning.
restoration after transferred ONMK - a status after a stroke.
pure vessels - healthy heart - diseases it is warm - vascular system, a hypertension.
antistress - neurotic statuses.
good sight all - sight infringement, a syndrome a dry eye a glaucoma.
a problem skin - skin diseases.

Cosmetology programs:

- a face lifting;
- figure correction;
- weight reduction;
- Cleopatra`s Baths ;
- limfodrenazhnyj and anti-cellulite massage;
- fruktovo - vegetable obertyvanija.

And more recently in sanatorium Laba absolutely new entertainment complex has opened. The waterslide, pool with thermal water, a complex of baths and saunas are constructed.
Turkish (it Byzantian) a bath is equipped by the newest technical decisions, are opened also: Russian bath, the Finnish sauna and a wooden font for acceptance of baths from broths of grasses or milk.

all conditions for rest in the days off where you and your children will receive weight of pleasure from a bathing Are created. Nearby Russian furnaces, braziers where for you will prepare a shish kebab, fish - a grill are constructed and will treat with pure mineral water.
at leisure it is possible to walk and admire animals who live in our unique safari - park: they are ostriches, lions, horses, camels, bears, wolves, foxes.

we Wait for all interested persons on rest!
demands on bodies.: 8(86169) 6 - 02 - 75, 6 - 03 - 05.
Krasnodar territory, Labinsk, street Vodoistochnaja, 1.


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