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In Kemerovo there were unusual traffic signs

this year along the Kemerovo highways is planned to establish 1142 new traffic signs. Nearby 650 from them already help to regulate traffic. Thus put them not only there where signs were earlier yes suddenly have disappeared, but also in absolutely new places. There, where there was in them a requirement with increase in a steam of cars or with change of transport routes.

And in the street Tukhachevsky - about a crossroads with street Zauzelkova - one of these days there were absolutely unique signs. They still name signs on individual designing. In traffic regulations you such will not see, but they do not contradict rules. Nice children on them give thanks to drivers that those have let their pass. What reckless driver before the such will not stop?!

Idea Kemerovo dorozhniki have peeped in the European cities.

Moreover, on city highways continue to change old lamp traffic lights on modern light-emitting diode. In the street Gagarin, for example, them have already updated on all crossroads.

Where this year it is planned to replace traffic lights and what roads will repair in Kemerovo in this summer, read in number for June, 24th, 2008.