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Taxi Europe - it is worked under the law

taxi Firms in a city much. Good - units. acquaints you with the taxi firm which quality of services does not call any censures.
a taxi Europe has appeared in the Krasnodar market of passenger transportations rather recently. A little more than year has been placed in operation the first lot of cars of the stamp " back; CHeri but it became fast clearly that these cars do not suit comfortable movement on a city. It has soon been decided to replace all motor car park of firm on Chevrolet . Cars reliable convenient, with the conditioner.

One more distinctive feature Europe - all drivers work on hiring, that is they do not need to break rules, to drive very much, what to increase a gain. Daily before departure on a line drivers pass pretrip physical examination, instructing on BDD, and cars checkup. Here real professionals work.

And the child it is not terrible to entrust

the Taxi Europe it is unique also that transportations of children here is given particular attention. Not a secret what to reserve the car with a children`s armchair or the special adapter in Krasnodar it is problematic.

Drivers Europe will bring the child to school or in village to the grandmother. Here never will refuse the order of the car to the passenger with the child

- Our taxi favourably differs from all the others also that at us is not present minimalki! - the taxi driver " Tells; Europe Vladimir BABENKO. - If proedite two kilometres only for them also pay. Also at us very strict selection of drivers, after all we carry children in school. Our advantage also that we do not have portable radio set, the dispatcher communicates with the driver on cellular communication.

All cars new, comfortable, are equipped by conditioners, it is a pleasure so to work. By the way, life of the passenger is insured.

New the law on a taxi should work

the Law on passenger transportations which has come into force with peal of bells, a lot of noise on January, 1st, 2008 has done. Overwhelming number of taxi firms refuse to work on new, referring to impossibility of performance of all requirements of legislators. A leah

And so it actually, really to buy a new car to establish in it a taximetre, to put shashechki on doors, to employ the skilled and qualified driver such a problem?

is all excuses of those who does not want to work by rules, - the general director of Open Company " speaks; the Euroline a taxi Europe. - personally I consider that the law on passenger transportations is accepted with the big delay. And, personally I am assured that the law too soft.

Other problem - the law exists, but does not work. Next to nothing taxi firms, at which that`s OK not only on a paper, but also in practice. Individual road checks cannot change a situation. From help militia it is not necessary to wait.

- Now the administration makes concessions taksofirmam, - Anatoly Serafimovich speaks. - What for? Yes the companies have occupied an advantage-ground: we were not in time, give us time . But why one all have brought into accord with the law in time, and others drag out? On all about all was time a great lot, almost nine months.

I on the example prove that purchase of new cars, installation of taximetres does not involve increase of tariffs. The real price of journey for one kilometre in the Krasnodar taxi - 15 roubles.

And more, for development of taxi transportations in Krasnodar, it is necessary to put an end to an illegal taxi, so-called Bordjurshchikam . Also it is necessary to take on control taksofirmy which consider itself Legal however do not try and do not try to execute the requirement of the law of Krasnodar territory About the organisation of passenger transportations . All hope of the city authorities.


the Taxi Europe is:

- 25 new cars of the stamp Chevrolet responding all conditions new the law on a taxi
- Skilled, polite, and the main thing tidy drivers
- Honesty. On all cars are established taximetres
- Any smoking in car salon
- All cars are equipped by navigating system. To lose the way it will not turn out.
- the order of a car for weddings and celebrations.
- the order the VIP of cars, minibuses, buses
- Possibility to leave in any point of edge.
- possibility of payment to cash or the clearing settlement.


- That is necessary for the passenger from a taxi? - The inhabitant of Krasnodar Olga Ilyin speaks. - comfortableness, presence of the conditioner in the summer, politeness and professionalism of drivers, but the main thing - honesty. The taximetre, does not give possibility to deceive the passenger, I was convinced of it on personal experience. And more the big plus - a taxi Europe works on all edge.

the TAXI Europe - 8 - 800 - 555 - 50 - 70
the Call from a cellular telephone free.
271 - 57 - 57, 271 - 28 - 28, 279 - 08 - 88