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DOTS the Kuban Field Anapa

DOTS   the Kuban Field Anapa

Children are accepted from 7 till 15 years .

an arrangement: a resort zone of Anapa, the Pioneer prospectus, 249.

To be converted: travel agency Natalia - Tour phones: (861 210 - 06 - 80, 251 - 81 - 34

the Children`s improving centre the Kuban field is the world of the childhood which transforms traditional rest of the child into a creativity feast, gives the chance to open itself, executes the most treasured dreams of children. Annually the Kuban field accepts about 3 thousand children.

the centre Territory represents a unique park zone with a considerable quantity of various kinds   Trees and exciting air of flower beds. In territory DOTS are: a summer platform, athletic fields, stadium, kostrovaja winter club, children`s cafe, the creativity House, library and a reading room, a computer hall, a slot machine arcade, a children`s game room, summer arbours, a summer cinema, a sports complex which meets the highest requirements shown to sports constructions, the aquapark with pool.   territory   the centre it is protected.

perfect conditions for rest of children Are created. Level of offered services corresponds to the European standards. Children take place in sleeping cases (4 cases) in 3 - h local rooms with amenities on the block and in 2 - h local with amenities . All rooms are equipped by convenient comfortable furniture, interiors are executed under original design projects.

Balanced 5 - ti a single food: a breakfast, a mid-morning snack, a supper ( a buffet ) ; A dinner (nakrytie).   Dishes from fresh vegetables and fruit, greens, juice   join in the daily menu.

Teachers in groups are typed from among the best teachers of schools and additional education establishments New Urengoj. Leaders come from the Taganrog state teacher training college.

Groups are completed by an age principle on 25 - 30 persons.

All changes in to the Kuban field the thematic. Children make long trips to fantastic islands of success, happiness, pleasure, mark New year and on April, 1st, can become the participant of competition of ballroom dances, meet celebratory Fair, take part in a choice of the president and even to become them. Here find new friends, receive a large quantity of bright impressions and an energy charge.

having a rest DOTS excursions use the Merited respect: Historical Anapa ; delphinarium visitation; the Archaeological museum Gorgippija ;   Park 40 - letija Victories - the centre of entertainments for children;   M.Ju.Lermontov`s House museum in a village of Taman; Temryuk -   the Military hill; the Hero town   Novorossisk; walks on horses   in Gastagaj.

Vospitatelno - improving activity the Kuban Field it is built in system under the developing program the Rainbow which unites in itself mnogotsvete   pedagogical forms and technologies of work. A leading reference point of work of teaching staff DOTS is creation educational cultural - the educational environment contributing in development of skills, with a support on personal potential.

In the centre mugs and studios function: studio of vocal singing; fine arts studio the Young artist ; club of modern and national dance; club of sports ball dance Movement ;   a circle biseropletenija; Studio of theatre of a fashion; studio of nonconventional technics of drawing; phytodesign studio.

Primary activity DOTS the Kuban Field improvement of children is.   if you want to improve perfectly the children, best place in Ana ­ pe, than the Kuban field - not to find.

In the centre effective techniques treatment and improvements are applied: diseases of the top respiratory ways, chronic nonspecific diseases of lungs, kostno - muscular diseases, diseases of digestive organs, organs of vision, diseases of nervous system.                                                                                      

the Program of improvement with classical and modern techniques, includes: consultations and treatment LOR - the doctor, consultations and supervision of the pediatrist, klimatolechenie: air baths, solar baths (on a beach or in a sun deck) on a mode appointed the doctor, physiotherapy exercises, water procedures: baths (zonalno - vortical in a combination with svetoterapiej, puzyrkovye) thermotherapy (a medical sauna), electrophototherapy, teplolechenie: paraffin applications - ozokerite, aerophototherapy or ingalaljatsii, speleoterapiju   ( a hydrochloric cave ) Medical massage, herbal medicine - fito - oxygen cocktails, treatment of infringements of a bearing and infringements of sight by means of the device Abniokor based on a principle biologically back coupling (it is barefooted - therapies).  


Cost of a vacation package:     38500 rbl.

14. 07 - 06. 08; 07. 08 - 30. 08 (change 24 days)

are included In cost: residing, 5 - ti a single food, cultural - the entertaining program, discos, using pool, an aquapark.  

To be converted: travel agency Natalia - Tour phones: (861 210 - 06 - 80, 251 - 81 - 34