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In Kursk will celebrate a feast of love, a family and fidelity

the Valentine day which mark on February, 14th, has come to us from the West. And after all in   Russia is the feast of love, a family and fidelity. It is devoted sacred blagovernym to Peter and Fevronii. It also will note tomorrow, on July, 8th.

In 17. 00 on the area before department the REGISTRY OFFICE of the Central district (street Radishcheva, 66) actors of ceremonial theatre will show to Kursk families   free performance About friendship knjazhicha Peter and maiden Fevronii . The spouses who have happily lived together not of one tens of years, will open   youth the   secrets of family happiness. Hairdress theatre Ball of colours will present   kurjanam original show. Evening will come to the end with a celebratory disco. In park of Heroes of civil war, near to a registry office, memorable souvenirs and the flowers will be on sale, which enamoured can present each other. For children on avenues of park wait fascinating   Games with rostovymi dolls and national entertainments.

On other platform of a city, in the leisure centre the Native land in Sejmsky district   (Mendeleyev`s street, 31) in 16. 00 will celebrate elderly married couples which will receive memorable gifts and flowers. All interested persons can admire an exhibition of family creativity. Visitors of a feast are waited also by performance of chorus of veterans and east dances.

the Inquiry

With what is connected this date

Prince Peter was the son of Murom prince Yury. Once he was ill with a leprosy. In the sleep to the prince there was a vision that the daughter of beekeeper Fevronija can heal it. Having seen the maiden, the prince has fallen in love with it and has vowed to marry   after healing. And has occurred. But boyars have not wished, that the peasant was the wife of the prince, and have expelled spouses. Soon the city of Moore has comprehended anger God`s, and the people have demanded, that Peter and Fevronija have returned.

Spouses have become famous for godliness and mercy. They have died in one day and hour, having accepted before it monastic postthreshing barns. The prayers they reduce blessing on marrying.