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To look after invalids begins favourably

Since July, 1st, 2008 monthly indemnifications will increase. Now idle, but the able-bodied citizens who are looking after invalids and aged, will receive 1200 roubles instead of 500.

those who to care of invalids of 1 group have the Right to indemnification; children - invalids about 18 years are elderly; aged, needing constant extraneous leaving (on the medical institution conclusion); the aged, reached age of 80 years.

Since July, 1st conditions of payments will change also. Henceforth indemnification can be received for each of wards. If you look after three invalid wards also you can safely multiply the sum of 1200 roubles on 3. Total 3600, instead of former 500 roubles.

to issue a new order of payments (that is on the second or subsequent ward) it is necessary to be converted into Pension fund branch in a residence till July, 1st. If you already obtained compensation and at you only one ward to be converted into the Pension fund it is not necessary - the payment sum will increase automatically.
indemnification will pay together with the pension, appointed to the invalid citizen, in care of it.

Experts of branch of the Pension fund of Russia in the Tver region are ready to answer your questions by phones (4822 77 - 74 - 45, 34 - 80 - 97