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Near Stary Oskol in a temple the fireball

This unusual incident has flown happens some days ago in Piously - Troitsk a temple that in a large village Streletsky Old Oskolsky area of the Belgorod region. In church now repair, works the artist and that the smell from a paint has disappeared faster, temple doors have been opened. About eight o`clock in the evening the thunder-storm has begun, the torrential rain has gone and lightnings have begun to sparkle. An evesong at this time was not, and in a temple were only servant Svetlana Chumakova with the artist.

- I have heard a terrible peal of a thunder, - Svetlana Chumakova tells. - And through a window has seen, how near to church, on the right side from a front entrance the lightning has struck. In this place there was a bright luminescence and sparks, as fell down at fireworks. And then in a lateral input the fiery sphere has flown. All lasted fractions of a second, we with the artist have literally stood on a place. The fireball was shone as a lamp, being poured by all colours of a rainbow. It has flown up to a candle chandelier under a dome... Also it was suddenly transformed in it is red - a pink cloud, has risen upwards and has stood. We very much were frightened: well, we think, it will do harm! But the sphere has sharply risen upwards and has departed through a window. Probably, the lightning was taken away by God!

But the sphere has not disappeared: it has gone to a fence. Otrikoshetiv from a fencing, it ran into a standing nearby shed which has lighted up at once.

As have informed in Old Oskolsky management on affairs GO and CHS, really, at this time in the neighbourhood with a temple the roof of a wooden shed has lighted up. On a scene left First aid and a fire-engine. Owners of construction, an elderly couple, have not suffered.

- During incident I in church was not, - the prior Piously - the Troitsk temple, protopope Andrey (FILATOV) tells . - When the thunder-storm has begun, Alexander`s my daughter took in hands an icon   Bozhiej Mother Neopalimaja Kupina and with prayers has bypassed all temple. On a broader scale of Alexander is afraid thunder-storms and every time so does, when it begins. And it is literally in some minutes after its prayers the fireball has flown. That has occurred actually, it is difficult to explain, on   all a craft of Bozhiej and all in hands of the Lord.

some years ago told about this unusual temple. Here there is an Icon of the Holy Virgin Theotokos, which   works wonders. The choir of Bozhiej of Mother represented on an icon as if reviving, changes colours from dark - brown to is light - silvery.

By the way, photos of this image are in the house at Larissa Dolinoj whom, having visited on tours Stary Oskol, has taken away the image with itself.